iBasso D10 volume change produces "scratching" noise. Fix ?.
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Apr 22, 2009
My D10 is 3 years old and whenever I rotate the volume control after turning it on it makes a awful "scratching" noise. If I then rotate the volume knob vigorously from min to max the noise gradually recedes and disappears.
Is there any way of permanently removing this scratching noise ?.
If I need to replace the volume pot does anyone know where I can source a new one from ?
I have contacted iBasso and whilst they answered my emails promptly their final conclusion is, quote,
"I think your D10 is normal.
You can do the following experiment.
Turn the volume up and down after 10 seconds after your D10 is turned on.
You shouldnt hear the "scratch" sound again.
This "scratch" sound is DC offset. It is normal."
I don't think this noise is normal as it didn't make this noise for the first 2 years of operation, I think that the volume pot has deteriorated and needs replacement.
Many thanks
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The scratching noise is probably due to the pot wearing out, which is normal after extensive use and there isn't really a fix for it short of replacing.
You could potentially try some electronic contact cleaner which might help a bit but I can't guarantee that would fix anything permanently. Replacing the pot is doable... but not so easy on a pcb. 
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Ooh, good luck with that. I hate trying to remove components from a pcb; it's very fickle work. 

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