iBasso D1 problem, please help
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Sep 26, 2007
Well today I was enjoying my newly acquired iBasso D1 and I decided it would be fun to roll some opamps. Already in the D1 was the AD797 and bypassed buffers. I figured I'd try out the AD743 with LMH6655 buffers since I've read such good things about 'em. After soldering the LMH6655s to browndog adapters, I did the switch and gave the newly equipped amp a go. Well, it was a no go. For some reason the headphone out will not work. At first, the USB was acting funny, but then I got sound to come through the AUX OUT. So then I figured I made a boo boo, so I plopped the previous configuration back in there (797s and bypass). The headphone out still won't work. So I'm not sure what to do. Maybe I put the old configuration back in incorrectly. Does it matter which way the dummy opamps go? I saw some sort of circle that I think shows me how to line up the 797s, but is there something else I missed? Did I break it?

Edit: I should also mention that after unsuccessfully trying for a few minutes to get the headphone out to work, the AD797s were HOT.
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Yes it matters what direction you put in the opamps. There normally a circle or Dot on the chip that indicates where Pin 1 is. That pin must go in the right slot of the PCB. If not....well you found out that it wont work right. And you do run the risk of doing damage to the PCB and other components.
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I use a standoff socket on one of the buffers. (the rearmost one)
It makes it MUCH easier to install and remove the buffers and you will have no fit problems with the browndogs. I supply them with my buffers.
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I would do as Ron suggests. I also have taken some down with a Dremel or sand paper. Please make sure you learn the correct orientation of the opamps or you are going to be sending the unit back for repair. There are many images and contributions on the D1 thread I started.

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