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iBasso D-Zero

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by rmappita, Aug 17, 2011.
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  1. rmappita
    iBasso ultra portable DAC/AMP combo D-Zero is our entry level audio solution. It is a Self powered DAC and Hi-Definition headphone amplifier. It not only works as DAC/AMP combo, but also works as a stand-alone AMP, DAC, or USB soundcard.

    Even it is an entry level product, it sill has the well-known Wolfson 24bit Hi-performance DAC WM8740 as the DAC chip, and Texas Instruments's PCM2706 as the USB receiver. Actually, the whole DAC section is very similar our D2+, which is widely recognized. The AMP section isnt like other entry level product that use cheap all-in-one headphone amplification IC, such as the TPA6130A. The AMP section in the D-zero is based on the AD8656, and tuned with some audio capacitors.

    The size of the D0 is another strong point. It is credit card size, and the thickness is only 11mm. It is the slimmest DAC/AMP combo.

    Main Features:
    - Wolfson WM8740 DAC Chip + TI PCM2706 USB Receiver
    - Works as a DAC+AMP Combo, a standalone AMP, or a standalone DAC (Line out function)
    - 2-Setting Gain Switch for impedance matching
    - Rechargeable Li-polymer battery with integrated charging system, 30 hours play time.
    - Slim and small, it is ultra-portable design.
    - Measures 55*79*11mm, and weights 60g
    - Comes with leather pouch,USB cable, 3.5 to 3.5 interconnect, rubber feet, and warranty card.

  2. ClieOS Contributor
    Interesting lower end product from iBasso. It is cheaper than the T3 series too. But it is worth noting that, although it uses WM8740, it probably won't support 24/192 because the PCM2706 will limit it to 16/48 on the USB receiving end.
  3. rmappita


    Hi ClieOS,
    Yes, like you said it is an interesting lower end product. Looks like my Alo Rx [​IMG]
  4. Mad Max
  5. i_djoel2000
    wow it's out already..i thought this was a pre-release notice
    how does it sound compared to ibasso t3d? [​IMG]
  6. Freeze
    i like the size of this product
  7. Parall3l
    interesting product, wonder how this is going to compare to the FiiO E7 [​IMG]
  8. Freeze
    wow only 100 bucks.  Pretty darn good deal for a dac/amp combo. Just wonder how good the quality is.
  9. ExpatinJapan
    I wonder how this compares to ibassoT3 and Fiio E11.
    If they had announced this earlier I would have bought it instead of my E11.
  10. ClieOS Contributor
    The DAC section shouldn't sound that different from E7 (same chips, likely to be same structure). The only question is whether the amp section will sound better compared to E7 and E11. Beating E7 might not be that difficult, but it will be quite a feat to out do E11. To me, that will mean the D-ZERO will be about to compete with its own brother, the T3D. If so, I would think iBasso might want to price it higher than it is now.
  11. Freeze
    shhhhh don't tell em to charge more
    rmappita, potatoos and UnityIsPower like this.
  12. Armaegis
  13. Inks
    Looks very nice and I really like the price. Too bad it doesn't have a digital volume controller, otherwise I would've pulled the trigger. I like to listen at very low volume at times, so that's my reason for that. 
  14. swbf2cheater
    Really looks like a competitor for the UHA4 which I just picked up, wondering if I made the right choice.  I think I will let someone else compare the DZ to something else, I'm retired.  Looks very nice though :)
  15. ClieOS Contributor

    D-ZERO might have a better DAC, but I doubt the amp section can be that good. From the price, I think the intended target is more like E7. If D-Zero is same as T3 + DAC, it would have been priced over T3.
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