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iBasso D-Zero too bright for M50 ?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jerms, Apr 2, 2012.
  1. Jerms
    I recently buy my first pair of (real) headphones ATH-M50 2 months ago, I'm pretty satisfied with them, but I'm willing to improve my sound quality (it's pretty addicting). So I upgraded to FLAC/320kbps mp3 but I'm searching for a little more. Since I listen music on PC (laptop + desktop @ job) most of the time (with on board sound card) I was thinking about buying a DAC. From what I've read the iBasso D-Zero (my choice) or the Fiio E7 (E17 ?) would fit my needs in the price range I'm willing to invest for now. Although many of you seems to says that the iBasso D-Zero has a very bright sound (too bright ?!) for the M50 since I find that the bass lacking sometimes.. (I'm a basshead I know..), would you agree with that ?
    TL;DR; Are to iBasso D-zero too bright since I find my M50 lacking bass sometimes ?
    Please be gentle it's my first post here, I've read a lot about that and I'm sorry for my english that is not perfect. I also have a pair of HD228 mainly for portability and bought them before I was interested in audio quality, do you think it will enhance the sound quality of them too or it will do nothing ? (I know that these are not great headphone and will not be that effective)

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