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ibasso D-Zero or Fiio E7?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jailhouselounge, Sep 7, 2011.
  1. jailhouselounge
    Which amp is better for Denon adh2000? The d-zero is around 109$ and the fiio e7 93$.
  2. Parall3l
    There isn't much reviews of the D-zero out there, if any. Although on the page for the D-zero ibasso said, quote : "The AMP section isnt like other entry level product that use cheap all-in-one headphone amplification IC, such as the TPA6130A." The TPA6130A is what FiiO put in their E7 so IMO ibasso is aiming to beat the E7 in terms of quality with their D-zero. The E7 has a longer lasting battery compared to the D-zero, in fact at 80 hours, I don't think theres any other portable amp that last as long as the E7. The battery life on the D-zero isn't horrible though, 30 hours is still pretty long 
    Good luck [​IMG]

  3. estreeter
    The parts Nazis here will look at the silicon in the D-Zero and declare it an easy winner - I'm tempted to buy one just for the hell of it, but I have enough amps and my next audio dollar will go to the ZO. After that, I'm spending all my money on CDs and beer, not necessarily in that order.
  4. ClieOS Contributor


    I don't know. The opamp used in D-ZERO isn't really that much better (on spec) or know to be great, but spec is no everything. I have ordered one a few day ago and hopefully it will arrive early next week. Guess I'll find out just how good it is soon enough. ZO v2 however is something I too am looking forward to.
  5. koolkat
    Looking forward to your review on E7 vs D-zero

  6. Corbet
    I'm in the same boat as you, I'm waiting to see what people say about the D-Zero.
    A couple people have mentioned it and I'm curious, what's a "ZO" everybody is talking about?
  7. estreeter
    The V1:
    Current buzz is around the V2, but I dont think anyone outside of DigiZoid has heard one yet. Cheaper than both amps mentioned here if MizMoxie's initial estimates are anything to go by.
  8. jailhouselounge
    oh cool, so fiio e7 or digizoid zero? which is bettuur ? :D
  9. ClieOS Contributor

    Here is my first impression of D-zero, which I posted on the other D-zero thread in the source forum.
    Full review will come at a later time.

  10. jailhouselounge
    cool, thanks clieos. i might either get that or e7 once i get my ebay bucks on october :D
  11. keanex Contributor
    I prefer the D-Zero. I sold my E7 after directly comparing them. Check out my review of the D-Zero directly compared to the FiiO E7 here.

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