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iBasso D-zero crashing my Samsung S3 t-1999 in ICS Touchwiz

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by sevens906, Mar 25, 2013.
  1. sevens906
    Now I know i am first time poster, never had an issue i couldn't figure out, but as a novice audiophile i can't seem to figure this out. I recently bought, well stated above an iBasso D-zero for my s3 at first it worked flawlessly but now i can't seem to prevented it from killing my smartphone. Now by killing it i mean that i have to plug it into the wall before i can boot it up again (which boots like if it was low in battery but isn't and then turn it off and on to boot back to android) and i have tried having the smart phone both and off before plugging it in, having the d-zero, on and off when plugging it in, and yes i made sure not to have the charge switched on. Finally i was wondering if anyone has come across a particular issue were this happened to them. either way i sent an email to ibasso and hopefully they can fill me in and i'll let you guys know. 
  2. SetiroN
    I would update the phone's software before anything else.
  3. sevens906
    Thanks I'll try that
  4. sevens906
    yeah i completely cleared my devik/cache/system restore used a new rom and updated it to latest legitimate update and it still causes my device to crash
    model no. t999
    android version 4.1.1
    baseband version t999uvdljc
    kernel version 3.0.31-274808
  5. jRi0T68
    What type of crash? Any Apps FCing? I'd try running a logcat and posting a help thread in the Q&A of your device forum on xda.
  6. jRi0T68
    Or switch to a different kernel and see if it continues. Kernel, basically, controls hardware.
  7. sevens906
    Ok oh it isnt any apps the phone just turns black
  8. jRi0T68
    Turns black, buttons non-responsive? Try it in a dark room. Then you'll be able to see if the screen shuts off or if the screen goes black. 2 different things, kinda.

    I still think some of the brilliant developer minds have an idea what is happening, even if they don't have the solution.

    Reboot into recovery, make a backup, and try a different son ROM that uses a different kernel. With a backup, reverting is easy.
  9. sevens906
    Yea I just heard it cant be a custom rom or it wont work but I guess it wont hurt to try
  10. jRi0T68
    It can't be an AOSP ROM, at least right now. Custom ROMs based on original Samsung source should be fine, I think.

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