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IBasso Audio IT03

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  1. Paul - iBasso
    I am pretty sure I answer email and questions about the IT04 and other products. The question about the IT04 has been answered a few times. We will be coming out with them very soon after the Chinese New Year. They will also be at CanJam 2018 in NYC for people to audition. If there please stop by our table.
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  2. Kerouac
    That's great news! CJ NYC is already on 17/18 Feb => I sincerely hope somebody will post some impressions of the IT04 by that time :thinking:
  3. LCMusicLover
    @Paul - iBasso -- no offense intended. I apologize for any negative implication.

    The question about the IT-04 has been answered a few times, but each answer has been vague, sort of RSN:

    In May: 'A couple of months. That is the closest I can come to release right now.'
    In July: 'The IT04 are final. Production will start soon.'
    At the end of August: 'The IT04 design is ready but we won't release it until the shells are exactly right. That is the only holdup.'
    In October: 'I don't have an exact date. The IT01 very soon and the IT04 just a little longer but not much.'
    On Jan. 10: ' They will be out very soon.'

    Now '...very soon after Chinese New Year.'

    I'm REALLY not trying to bust your chops, and I certainly didn't mean to imply that you were derelict. I don't believe you are -- in fact your presence on this thread has been nothing but pleasant and helpful. You input is appreciated, and many members have noted how quick you've been to respond to issues they've had with iBasso products.

    I'm sure you're just the messenger here, as far as IT-04 release plans/dates.

    And, the underlying motivation is that the 03s are great, and to me, a great value. I really look forward to hearing an equally fine product with a different tuning.

    Again, I apologize if my words were offensive. If so, it was unintentional.
  4. Paul - iBasso
    Not offensive at all. I have for a long time found that giving any type of date can be a problem because it may be that we find out we could use a better cable or the tuning isn't just right or something else. So while we may think that a product is near completion it can turn out that it isn't. The IT04 is complete now. We have the holiday now coming and then it takes a little time to get everything moving once we return. The IT04 will be at the NYC CanJam.
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  5. haiku
    Does anybody know how much burn in the it03 need to shine? 200hours like the it01?
  6. KEV G
    125 hours for me, treble calmed down and bass tightened up. It was quite a difference, very noticeable :smile_phones:
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  7. haiku
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  8. SomeGuyDude
    30 seconds or so should suffice.
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  9. KEV G
    My IT03 was about six months old when I gave my son a brand new pair because he liked mine so much(and because I won a pair at London CanJam) tried em both out, same source, same cable same tips and the difference was obvious. 30 seconds or 125 hours, you decide and let us know your thoughts @haiku :wink:
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  10. slackerpo
    i would love to do that comparison
  11. KEV G
    Not easy to make that kind of comparison, you wouldn’t normally buy two of the same, unless you broke em and wanted another pair. However, I did a brief comparison last night with a 5 month old pair of IT01 to a brand new pair and the difference was only slight. The bass was a little tighter but more noticeable was the mids being more forward. Definitely not the kind of difference I found with the IT03
  12. GitBash
    Im looking to upgrade my IT03, are the IT04 a good choice?
  13. LCMusicLover
    Well, that’s the question, isn’t it :gs1000smile:

    There have been impressions from shows, but those were pre-production units. I don’t think anyone has reviewed a production unit yet.

    Impressions suggest that the 04 will be more linear/reference than the V-shape sig of the 03s. Also, the shell may be smaller — some folks find the 03s to be too large in the ear.

    <edit> what are you looking for in an upgrade?
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
  14. Fiberoptix
    Anyone know of ibasso will repair the IT03 out of warranty? And if so how much have people paid? My left earpiece has just died which is unfortunate as they've been well looked after and already been sent back in once for a channel imbalance issue. I've had them 16 months approx.
  15. KEV G
    Try emailing @Paul - iBasso, I’m pretty sure he will advise you on what to do. I’ve dealt with him a couple of times and have been completely satisfied with the outcome.:smile_phones:
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