IBasso Audio IT03

  1. alphanumerix1
    Is that the stock cable that comes with it??? wow that makes me think firstly will they sell it separately and 2nd why does the stock it03 cable look so terrible in comparison lol
  2. HiFiChris Contributor
    That's what I'm asking myself as well - would be great if this really turns out to be the stock cable.
  3. aisalen
    Looking in Penon pics, it seems the original cable is not the same. Probably the owner upgraded his.
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  4. pr0b3r

    That cable though...:astonished:
  5. HiFiChris Contributor
    I think it really is the stock cable (quote from Penon):

    "4N high-purity oxygen-free copper, four shares hand-woven
    iBasso IT01 uses 99.99% multicore star-shape four braids of high-purity copper wire, standard detachable MMCX interface . [sic]"

    Paul, could you shed some light on it (and probably start a dedicated IT01 thread)?
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  6. aisalen
    If only have the option for 4.4mm, I will buy one for sure and use the cable in my IT03 and use my cheap 4.4 cable for IT01. :)
  7. tarhana
    it is probably the stock cable. if I'm not mistaken, somewhere in the thread paul said we found a better cable and therefore increase the it01 s price for 10-20 dollars.
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  8. Paul - iBasso
    It is the stock cable.
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  9. KEV G
    Any idea when it will be on the Ibasso website @Paul - iBasso thanks
  10. Lurker0
    Amazing! Would you make IT03 Mk2 with metal nozzles?
  11. Paul - iBasso

    The IT01. Multi layered graphene, a high quality OFC cable, tips and a very nice carrying case.
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  12. pranavtripathi
    Paul, thanks for the picture! Could you please tell the material with which the shells of IT01 are made up of? That'd help a lot.

  13. 1TrickPony
    I've had the Dunu DN2000 which broke which led me for a hunt for the next replacement. They both are more focused on sub bass though the dn2k felt more "natural" imo. especially for acoustic upright bass. Doesn't linger too long in decay in comparison, though the texture or bass body resonance felt very convincing on the dn2k.

    There's also a big difference in their mids - it03 being more dry and sitting less forward than dn2k. Vocals on the dunu is something. Best male vocals at this price range and jazz female voices are lush.

    I would give it03 more points on 3d soundstage, hint more resolution and highs. Dn2k is going 232$ at LMUE. silky mids and natural texture and timbre and same goes for bass freqs though a hint less in quantity. Hope that helps.

    From "vivid" memory/#grainofsalt/hopethathelps.
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  14. koven Contributor
    Paul, any updates on IT04?
  15. hi-fi amateur
    Is the IT01 stock cable 3.5 mm and will it be sold separately?

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