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IBasso Audio IT03

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  1. jon parker
    Im now over 100+ hours and HOLY MOTHER OF AUDIO GODS this IEM is . . . Im truly speechless!
    They are almost unrecognizable from the same IEM's of 30 (burn in) hours ago
    Also, I tried an old white silicon tip that I had left over from my Fidue A83's as I noticed that if i pushed in the spin fits a bit deeper
    into my ears  there was more bass coming so, on a whim I thought to go through a few final tips that I hadn't tried yet.
    In the past I have experienced night and day differences when you get the tip/earphone/fit synergy spot on, but NOTHING like this
    Like going from FLC8 to Fidue A83 - the bass now is phenominal.
    Early on I tried Complys but they muddied things a bit but now . . . 
    Im sorry, I know this sounds like a classic hype train but Ive never had such a big and hugely pleasurable unexpected improvement
    before in a pair of IEM's
    I was already deeply impressed with them but now . . . Im so looking forward to hearing from the rest of the community
    and from the rest of the community hearing them :)
    iBasso has created something legendary
  2. nmatheis Contributor
    Like I said one day and a whopping eight pages ago...

  3. audio123
    its good :sunglasses:
  4. jon parker
    :D True...but there will enough reviews coming soon from respected and trusted reviewers to find out if the train is real or not :wink: 
  5. nmatheis Contributor

    Yes, I might have to join the team :wink:
  6. jon parker
    I wasn't sure about your earlier 'TOTL' comments, but now . . . we are on the same page sir :) 
    audio123 likes this.
  7. bavinck
    Nice to be on a hype train where the ticket price is less than 1000!
  8. audio123
    glad I am of help. It surely is TOTL.
  9. audio123
    its not a train, really totl after burn in :)
  10. acap13

    And the fact about it03 possibly beat the k10 still stand?or even better?
  11. howdy
    I will definitely buy this when it is on Amazon or in the USA. I don't see this on iBasso's website yet either. 
  12. twister6 Contributor
    Yep, you are enjoying it a bit too much [​IMG]  and now got Jon as your partner in hype-train crime [​IMG]  One thing for sure, these are not DT86, thus no worries about getting derailed...
  13. audio123
    yes the dt86 is bad very bad
  14. ExpatinJapan
    I will reserve my main and final impressions of the iBasso IT03 until I have given
    them a decent listen over a period of time.
    Until then I will say I have enjoyed them so far, but it is the early days and the details of the actual performance of the IT03 
    will eventually reveal itself after some time of concentrated listening.
    I shall not rush with with my conclusions. 
    n05ey likes this.
  15. n05ey
    For those that are listening to these, how do you find the timbre?

    My reference is the fx850 and previously the rockets.
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