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IBasso Audio IT03

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  1. elano68
    Guys i tried Sony Xba z5 with custom copper upgrade cable and i compared with my it03(stock cable)
    I clearly concluded that it03 has more subbass, more balanced sound signature, fronter mids and vocals, fronter trebles, more volume(aprox 10 click on x3).
    Last edited: May 12, 2017
  2. ExpatinJapan
    IMG_9935.JPG IMG_9938.JPG IMG_9977.JPG iBasso CB13 cable. Review to follow
  3. exeth
    I'm not sure if it's just me but recently I just put on a pair of spinfits cp 100.The fits great,snug, comfy , fantastic isolation.But I feel that the spinfits has made the sound more aggressive, bass increased by a bit but it's the upper mids/lower treble that for me becomes problematic.The quantity is raised by a rather noticeable amount, making female vocals rather like auditory daggers.I have to say though that I perceived a slight increase in clarity and detail.Just slightly.Wonder if anyone here has had the same experience
  4. Darren Cotter
    I've found Spinfits do exactly what you say. I've tried them on Shure SE846, Fidue Sirius A91, Fidue A83 and FiiO EX1 2nd Gen. Any good they do the low end is nullified by the aggressive upper mids and treble. Some of the perceived increase in clarity could be just down to the frequency response leaning towards the upper frequencies?

    I don't like Comply's either. Doh!
  5. quodjo105
    Hi Darren , where in the Uk did you order your it03 from?
  6. Darren Cotter
    Last edited: May 13, 2017
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  7. LCMusicLover
    @Paul - iBasso :

    The black rubbery material which surrounds the MMCX connector on the CB12 comes down 'too far' and prevents the cable from 'snapping' onto other IEMs (specifically MaGaosi K3 Pro).

    The material is like the 'boot' on a spark plug wire. It can actually be kind of 'folded' up by prying with thumbnail, but always comes back down.

    Would I be making a horrible mistake if I trimmed the black material enough to allow the fit? It's probably about 2-3mm or so.
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  8. GitBash
    What do you guys recommend, pinnacle P1 or IT03?
  9. LCMusicLover
    I haven't heard the P1, but from reviews, it should be an easy choice. P1 less sub-bass, brighter highs, maybe a little more spacious stage. Most reviewers say the P1 may be a little weak in bass for bass-centric material. Finally, P1 are more (much more?) demanding of amplification. 50 Ohm impedance, lower sensitivity. Several reviewers questioned whether you could get all there is out of them without amp (for example from FiiO X3) and especially from a smart phone. IT03 easier (much easier?) too drive.

    On the other hand, with adequate amplification and with material which doesn't demand heavy bass, P1 will be very detailed, fairly neutral, with excellent sound stage and instrument location.

    So I recommend the IT03s :darthsmile:
  10. 1TrickPony
    lol. he did post on the it03 tread...
  11. LCMusicLover
    What can I say -- I love the 03s :L3000:

    And, to be fair, you'd probably see a similar response with the opposite recommendation in a P1 thread.
  12. 1TrickPony
    The P1s aren't bad. Not everyone you meet are total fanboys, but we all have preferences for sure.

    Personally, I'd pick the it03 over the p1 (latter was lent to me for auditioning) but when the recording is right P1 becomes quite an experience.
    P1 requires tip rolling for the bass to be felt. Anyhow curious what the op is looking for instead of asking a overly simplified question
  13. ustinj
    On the other hand, I'd pick the P1 due to personal preference. The it03 does have a better bass response, but I found the it03 treble to be slightly more abrasive. Also, the it03's midrange is thin and kind of tinny in comparison to the P1. The it03 has advantage in bass extension, rumble, and top end detail but loses in midrange timbre
  14. jamato8 Contributor
    I would adjust the tips. I use the Focal Utopia as a reference and when the tips are right on the IT03, I hear no thin or tinny midrange at all. It is rather rich sounding and full but I also push the tips on far enough so that they are near flush with the screens.
  15. LCMusicLover
    Amazing how much SQ depends on tips. My initial experience w/ IT03s was quite a roller coaster ride until I found the right tips.
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