Iaudio 7 Won't charge
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Jan 11, 2008
A couple of days ago I went out with my Ia7 and like 20 mins later it said low battery and just turned off, my player had no juice left and I know i charge it on my usb for a few hours just before I wen to bed the night before, for that day whenever I "charged" it it would stay on 4 bars for about 15mins then instantly go to 0 bars and 5 mins after that it shunts off with "low battery",
now it won't even charge at all.

So can anyone give any suggestions? can water inside the player even a tiny bit cause this? I had the player for almost 10 months and charge it on the usb for as long as my computer is on and when I'm not using it with the charging speed setting on normal
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Jan 19, 2008
Do you know for sure it is not the cable or USB port on your computer?

Try a different cable, some other computer, etc.

Also try a direct AC wall outlet USB charger. Any charger for a BlackBerry will work (this is how I charge my i7), as will the A-29 tip from iGo, etc. I know the instructions say "only use a Cowon charger" but that's nonsense.

There is this old wives tale about putting dead cell phones in bright sunlight for a day, so maybe there is a moisture issue, but I doubt it. LithIon batts can and do go bad so it smells like a lemon. However the warranty is 12 months so you are OK!

If you lost the warranty card info, I have it -- send me a PM.

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