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I want to begin my long journey to becoming an audiophile and I have a few questions.

  1. Kanev24
    So I've been wanting to get into the audiophile scene for quite some time now. I listen to music all day every day, from the moment I get to school until I either have to go to work or go to bed. I’m currently just using the standard EarPods that came with my iPhoneX on a daily basis. I own the Bose QC15 and beats pros, not sure if these have respect in the world of high-fi headphone, but I don't use them as much as I would like. Due to the extreme isolation of the QC15 and I listen to a lot of music in class and it would be a hassle to turn on and off every time I need to hear what someone is saying and the Beats Pros are just way too bulky to carry around daily. I have finally saved enough money to spoil myself. I think an IEM would be better for me because I rarely have time to sit down at home and use a dedicated setup (not like I can afford a setup for $1000+ anyways). I’ve had my eyes on the LZ-A5/LZ-A4 (because of the appealing reviews/filters), MEE audio Pinnacle P1’s (because of the great reviews I've read), and the 1MORE triple/quad drivers. If anyone has other suggestions for good IEM's around or under $200 I am open for ideas. Any advice on why I should choose the LZ's/P1/Triple driver/quad driver over one another? I am also wondering if I would benefit greatly if I just deal with the hassle of getting another over-ear headphone? Not sure if I should even be considering something like the ATH-M50x because I already have what I think are two decent sounding headphones...and before you say anything, I know that they are overrated, but if so many people speak highly of the product it must be a decent place to start off. Do the M50x sound better or equal to the LZ’s or my current cans? I know most over-ear headphones normally sound better in general, but if one of the IEM's I mentioned previously (or a suggestion) sound decent compared to an over-ear headphone I'd rather start off with an IEM and wait until I can buy a dedicated AMP/DAC and some cans that'll keep me satisfied for quite some time. I Need portability, comfort, at least some soundstage, good bass, decent instrument separation, and decent isolation. I most commonly listen to classic rock, rap/hip-hop, heavy metal, various solo guitarists, and occasionally some classical pieces. I would need the ability to either use just my iPhone dongle or something along the line of the fiio btr3 to power whatever I choose. Any advice would help. Thanks!!

    P.S: When giving suggestions keep in mind I'm still young and would like to only buy what is needed and nothing extra due to cost. I plan to continue to dive deeper into this amazing journey to become an audiophile and will have many years ahead of me to build my dream setup. With this said I'm perfectly fine with spending a few hundred dollars for good SQ.
  2. wmak79
    If isolation isn't too big of a concern, and since you have an iphone, I have another suggestion. Look into Audeze isine10 or LX (or monolith equivalent). My isine 20 with the cipher cable is pretty good for me in the office. I can just lower volume or mute and still talk to people without have to remove them. It's like mini portable open back in-ear headphones.
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  3. audiobomber
    I don't know about the others on your short list but I bought a pair of the 1MORE Triple Driver in-ears and quickly returned them. I'm not overly sensitive to treble, (my other headphones are Grado and Beyerdynamic) but the 1MORE's were ear-blastingly bright and unpleasant. I have Sennheiser Momentum HD1 in-ears now and I'm extremely pleased with them. I changed the ear tips to Comply memory foam which make them sound even better and improves comfort.

    Whichever in-ears you buy, I highly recommend adding the Sabaj Da2 DAC/headphone amp (same as SMSL iDEA but normally lower priced). It is tiny and effortlessly portable, plugs into your phone with the supplied cable. Sound quality is untouchable for the price.

    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018
  4. Fondler
    Bowers and Wilkins P5 works great with the Iphone and is a good way between Iem and Over ear. It’s On ear shape is realy comfortable and the Sound is quite nice without using any more DAC or AMP. If you take one used it’s a good bang for the buck for 95$

    But compared to your Beats Pro it will appear like a huge lag of Bass because the P5 is much more “real” than the synthetical sound from the beats. For Rock and Classical Pieces I loved the P5.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018
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  5. serman005
    You should read about an iBasso IT01--it is really terrific for the money at $99. Check it out.
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  6. Kanev24
    Do you think the IT03’s are worth the extra cash?
  7. audiobomber
    Any headphone is going to sound better with a better-than-iphone DAC and amp.
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  8. serman005
    No, I personally do not. The difference in SQ between the IT01 and IT03 is not as great as some might like to believe and the price differential is substantial.
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  9. Fondler
    Of Course. Excuse my poor English i meant the P5 sounds quite good without using an DAC or AMP. But with it’s always better:wink:

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