I use glasses. Should I get the beyer 880 dt 250 ohm pro (more clamping force) or premium?
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I use the Pro with glasses--never had a problem. In any case the frame can be bent slightly to increase/decrease the pressure. It's really a non-issue.
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Unless you have some insanely thick frames on the glasses, you should have no problems. Beyers literally don't care if you wear glasses. Oh and the clamping force is totally up to you. You can make it as tight or as loose as you want because the headband is made out of metal that can be easily bent into any shape you want, so don't worry about it.
Get the pro version, it's build slightly better, it has those solid adjustment mechanisms and replaceable headband cover, unlike the Premium which has the annoying loose adjustment mechanism and a fixed headband.
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Is there any difference in SQ terms between the Pro and Premium versions?

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