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I require fun, fun, FUN!

  1. Overkill Red
    Over my audio journey, I've tried many different earphones in an attempt to find the perfect sound signature for me.
    However, I've come to a sudden realisation: I just want fun!
    I want an earphone that'll allow me to tap my feet and feel good. I don't listen to music that requires ultra detail like an orchestra, although I do like my Electronic Rock and Dance...
    I currently only have a Sennheiser IE8, which I plan to give away as a gift soon, as I had to return my friend's SM3v2 and sold him my Heir Audio 4.ai as well (didn't really like the sound as much as I thought I would)
    I really like the sound that my HD25's and D2000's output. 
    Also, timbre doesn't need to be perfect. As long as an electric guitar sounds good and not like a trumpet, it'll be enough for me...
    Would much prefer a Universal IEM but may be willing to go custom... Will need isolation though!
    I'm currently looking at the following IEMs from various price points:
    Westone W3/UM3x
    Heir Audio 3.ai
    Phonak PFE232
    Panasonic HJE900
    SM3v2 (maybe? will have to try them again)
    Final Audio FI-BA-SS (tried this once and liked them quite a bit... Don't remember much though)
    FitEar TG334!
    If anyone has any other IEMs that they think I should try or have any impressions/comparisons to throw into the pool I would be very grateful!
    P.S. I HAVE done a lot of research already, however please treat me like a complete noob and fire all information at me, I may have missed something!
  2. TwinQY
    Have you read anything about the UE900? Seems to be worth looking into. At that price point, though, you could easily spring for customs.
  3. Overkill Red
    Yeah I've read about it but it doesn't seem like it'll suit my tastes...
    Will consider it though!

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