I really wish | joker | could review the latest Audio-Technica IEMS!!
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But Audio-Technica has released only 2 IEMs this year, the CK330 and the CKL220. The latest AT earphones aren't very exciting. Are you sure???

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Well, they are budget those two. the CK330 is 20-23,000 though it does have the new 10mm driver. My Sport 2 also has the 10mm but is 15  -24,000. I suppose they are 1,500 and 1,900YEN($15 -$20US) for a reason. I know the new 10mm driver is good cause the Sport2 , though flawed tuning, has some technical ability(vs. the E80 and Titan 1) and the CK330 is said to be better than the lower CKR series CKR3 and CKR5 slightly.
Personally I'm not getting interested till the fall when some higher models should come out but should be some good stuff coming.
Don't think joker is going to review the IM-01/02/03/04 as they are really covered and he will use his time for other stuff. He already covered the CK90Pro and Pro2 which are the IM-02 with a slight front filter tuning change so those are probably out. IM-01 is out for lack of interest overall and probably since he likes the older armature series sound, the 03/04 are out cause of the signatures.
I think the only ones Joker would possibly do would be the CKR9/10 and the IM70. just speculation on my part :)
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I would love to hear his thoughts on the IM50 and IM70 in general.  TBH I'm more interested in those vs. the BA's.
I just jumped in on a massdrop buy for the FLC Technology FLC8 based on joker's feedback on that one.

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