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I really, really like Moderat......please recommend similar artists!

Discussion in 'Music' started by jackrabbitslims, Oct 16, 2013.
  1. JackRabbitSlims
    Hi - I have just spent a few months in Germany and got hooked on Moderat - really love their stuff and was wondering if any of you out there could recommend something similar?
    Yes, I know Moderat are a collaboration between Apparat and Modeselektor....i have some of their individual albums on order [​IMG]
    Any suggestions?
  2. JackRabbitSlims
    OK, just bumping this thread a wee bit, but also sharing this site that I found while searching for similar Music to Moderat...you just enter the artist you like and it will present similar artists that you may like - kinda cool and big help for my original question.
  3. FredrikT92
    Tell me if you find anything!
    Big Moderat fan myself.
    Maybe you would like these:
    Atoms for peace
  4. JackRabbitSlims
    Hey Fredrik - thanks for the suggestions
    Have heard some Atoms for Peace and much prefer Thom Yorke fronting Radiohead TBH - [​IMG]
    Will do a search on Trenemoller and have a listen.
    I did find another Berlin based DJ called Ellen Allien - have you heard?? - She has a pretty good thing going and may try one of her albums?
  5. JackRabbitSlims
    I think you mean TrenTemoller.......yes??
  6. FredrikT92
    Yeh lol
  7. JackRabbitSlims
    Give Ellen Allien a blast and tell me what you think?
  8. Niels78
    Cool! i subscribed!..
  9. WraithApe
  10. Niels78
    What about ; Dylan Stark...
  11. FredrikT92
    Four Tet, Jamie XX, Burial and Caribou should be something to check out!
    Niels78 likes this.
  12. Le Marquis
    Moderat was founded by Apparat and Modeselektor, two artist you might want to check out as wel.

    Also try out a kick-ass girl called Ellen Alien. The highly experimental Max Cooper is always a treat.
    Another one that will take you to higher dimensions is Kolektiv Turmstraße and Extrawelt And if you want to kick
    those feet on the floor, listen to Solomun.

    Let me (us) know what came close to your liking...

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