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I read this and thought of Head-Fi...

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by john_m, Jan 27, 2015.
  1. John_M
  2. Trashman
    Just read the article as well. I think mobile devices will eventually phase out the 3.5mm jack since it's easier to run USB (or something comparable). Most likely you'll see it happen within the next 3-5 years.
  3. Fadem
    I'm not sure to what extent this is really an issue. A lot of the pricier headphones and IEMs have detachable cables, so it will only be a matter of buying a new cable. For the others, I'm quite sure there will be adapters for 3.5mm to USB/Lightning/other standards. Another thing of note is that most people with 'HiFi' headphones also use DAPs as source and not mobile phones. Unless 3.5mm jacks are phased out of those, there won't be any issues at all.
  4. lamode
    At first I assumed that the Lightning port would support analogue outputs but it doesn't. So yes, this would seem to imply the need for active digital headphones.
    But you can still use an external DAC/amp of your choosing and plug your existing headphones into them, which is what many people are doing already by choice anyway. It's not like you won't be able to use your T5p's at all with the iPhone 7
  5. r3l1c
    In the begining .. there was nothing ....
    naaaah .. just kidding ... we've had phones and music devices to lower the volume level "to protect your hearing" 
    which was actually a bu****it , to have excuse for longer battery use.
    So the headifiers came up with portable amps
    now that the 3.5 will be obsolete .. headifiers will come up with portable amps with dac 
    so much for the revolution ..... all the struggles to save some ohmp in ye battery
  6. Folex
    Man cuts off 3.5 plug.. man buys new plug.. man solders new plug on.. man listens to music again. 
  7. Music Alchemist
    The entire premise of that article is laughable, especially the pseudo-scientific explanations. People who use expensive headphones tend not to use them with phones in the first place unless they really need the portability, and even in that scenario, they could easily afford the needed adapters.
    ...But you know what this reminded me of? The new Audeze EL-8 cable whose headphone connectors look like digital cables.
  8. lamode
    Can't be done. There are no analogue channels in the Lightning spec, only digital out.
  9. r3l1c
    but i'm sure Lightning spec inhibits DAC compatibility .....how long will it take for alibaba to come out with simple L-to-DAC?
  10. vantt1
    That's assuming people use said expensive headphones with their smartphones' 3.5 mm jack. The connector will still exist, and people will still use it.
    Lightning -> Camera Connection Kit -> DAC should suffice for now.
  11. lamode
    That's a damn expensive 'adapter'
  12. vantt1
    Probably licensing or some stuff.
  13. teejmiller
    I can see it now, a selling point of a device will be: Has old school 3.5mm jack! It might be time to buy some stock in companies that make DACs and components! Soon it will be hip to walk around with a FiiO rubber banded to the back of your phone.

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