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Aug 1, 2009
I am not sure if threads like these are allowed, but here goes...

I am planning to buy myself a simple audio setup for listening to music (exclusively, so no recording). I am looking to buy a good sound card (an external USB one) and a decent pair of headphones.

I am looking to spend around $250 at the most. I have seen the post about the price ranges, but makes and models do not mean much to me. I won't have enough time to go and try every headphone on there, so I came here to seek advice to get a few models that I _can_ try.

I listen to all kinds of music, but, mostly I listen to rock, blues, reggae and easy listening music.

I have looked at Grado headphones, Senn ones, Sony, Bose and B&O.

I've tried Bose QC2 headphones and I like them, however, I have tried cheaper headphones (less than half the price) from other manufacturers and have seen that they match them (if not exceed them) in performance. This seems to be the popular opinion on this forum...

Another headphones that I like are B&O's Form 2 headphones. However, I have read reviews online saying that they practically fall apart after a few months.

I don't want in-ear headphones, but open or closed headphones would be fine. Closed only if they are not too heavy and bulky (as they would be used for long periods of time).

Could I get some advice on what headphones to try out and get? Post links if you want to, because I wouldn't know where to start (manufacturers websites won't be realistic).

P.S. If it is not too much trouble. I have an Audio-Technica PL-120 turntable and I am looking for a decent amplifier for it. So, a suggestion for that would be appreciated. An external sound card with a minijack and RCA input would be perfect.

Thank you.

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