i need rockbox help bad!
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For the benefit of anyone who may happen to come across this thread in the future, the original poster's problem is that he performed only half of the installation steps. He installed the Rockbox bootloader, but did not install the firmware as described here:

2 Installation

The easier way to install Rockbox is to use the installation utility, known as the Rockbox Utility, which you can download here:

RockboxUtility < Main < TWiki
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Originally Posted by PouncePony /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Yes, you can do that.

Is the Apple firmware on the player updated with the RockBox bootloader? It must be in order for RockBox to work.


no, i havent even checked, isnt the apple firmware on the hdd? welll i replaced the hdd with a 16gb compact flash drive instead... didnt even bother with the apple firmware or hdd...
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The fact that the installation instructions says there is not a "stable release" for the 5.5g scares me. Don't want to go thru all this and have an unstable Ipod.
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yeah, so it was installed and working. i turned it on just now, listened to it, rockboxed-all good. then i hooked it up to the computer (usb) and saw the apple charging sign (do not disconnect)...so now somehow by plugging it into the usb i am back to the apple software. my songs and rockbox folder is still there when plugged in-i can see them, etc. but not when the ipod is not plugged in (it's apple)---so i guess i'll re-do it. and nods to the comment up there-this can't be a stable release, so yeah, now i'm worried...
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just a quick rockbox question i have...

im having problems turning it on... how do you turn on the rockbox ipod!? i hole the play/pause button, but nothing happens... but when i hold it for a while, then let go and hit the center button it just turns on.. but not always.... then when it sometimes turns on when i resest (menu + center)?? any ideas?

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