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I need recommendation on laid back sound headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by masterchoi, May 30, 2011.
  1. masterchoi
    Hello, how are you guys doing lately?
    I need recommendation for laid back but not muddy sound headphone.
    I have hd800 and I like it for very neutral sound but sometimes I want more mellow sound for jazz.
    I also have sr80(too light), and dre studio(too muddy), but they don't sound good anymore after listening hd800 for long time.
    I'm thinking about ah-d7000 or hd650 but I'll greatly appreciate any other recommendation.
  2. Great Sound
    The HD558 are pretty awesome,not muddy and still that nice non harsh,laid back sound.I wish i could afford them[​IMG]
  3. classakg
    I'd go for the 650's. They excel with jazz. 
  4. Cottontop


  5. Digital-Pride
    Or you could go for the Audez'e LCD-2 and be done with any upgrades headphone wise.[​IMG]
  6. Proglover
    since you have HD800's, high end, maybe LCD-2 are wise to look into. Otherwise HD650.
    D7000's are not laid back, very engaging

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