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I need much to learn...

  1. DigitalGrounder
    So if anybody can help, when i'm listening to a pair of headphones how can i listen and tell what sounds that you can hear at different frequencies. if its possible. I'm just starting in the audiophile life style, i enjoy listening to music, i can tell how vocals, bass, treble, sound. But i want to know how i can listen to every detail in most frequencies without looking at a graph. If it is possible.
  2. DigitalGrounder
  3. getclikinagas
    What you are describing will come to you as your experience with different sound signatures/equipments broaden. Some knowledge on the different terms would help to describe the signature/differences you perceive in an accurate manner. 
    We(Head-fi) have quite a few concise and interesting articles for fresh audio enthusiasts like yourself.
    Since you were talking about identifying and comprehending what you hear, the clickable links below will give you a good start:
    1. http://www.independentrecording.net/irn/resources/freqchart/main_display.htm : Every instrument/source of music produces sound in a broad frequency range. This interactive chart will give you an idea of the FR breakup for different instruments/sources. Read the poster description too. 
    2. Frequency Response Of Headphones: Short blurb on the intentional FR difference between live music, speakers and headphones(bonus chart)
    3. A Hopefully Helpful Headphone Buying Guide For Newbies : What to consider when buying headphones.
    4. Describing Sound : A Glossary : Everything you need to know about describing nuances.
    5. A plea to the community lets standardize the way we describe sonic signatures : Great post by Lunatique. Definitely try the Range finder link in his post
    Bonus: An Audiophile Workout: Philips Golden Ears Training  Saw this over on innerfidelity.com. I think you will like it. Have fun testing/training yourself [​IMG]
    The best way to learn is to dive into the forums, read old posts and get involved in the discussions. 
    Welcome to Head-fi, sorry about your wallet. [​IMG] 
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