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I need help with my Portable head fi station layout

  1. chill2music
    Hi, I have been made to feel welcome on head fi, I have Aspergers so I might not come off as clear. I work at the hospital and have saved up for my system. I have also got my mum a Hi fi system.

    My setup consist of a granite chopping board, HP Elite Slice (It is starting to sound like a cooking station). I have a Arcam Rhead for listening to music on headphones, my headphones are the B&W P7 Wireless.

    My Hi Fi system is a
    Cambridge CXU Blu ray player, Cambridge CXC CD transporter, Cambridge CXN, that I am using as a dac for my CD Transporter. I enjoy listening to Internet radio stations. The Cambridge Cxa60 is my amp for the speakers. I have some pre owned B&W that sound great.

    The problem I am having is finding somewhere to store the Arcam Rhead.

    The pc and headphone amp look nice side by side, I never use both at the same time as heat would rise and harm the pc.

    Should I move the headphone amp into the cupboard of my unit? should I move the headphone stand?

    I could save up for the Audio Quest Jitterbug and Red Dragonfly and use the headphone amp for Music and late night TV. Would a black granite chopping board look Better?

    Thanks for looking :)
  2. Denio
    I think it's great! What I would suggest is to use the rHead and put in under the headphone stand. Not just like that, but you could very easily build a small stand for the headphone stand itself under which the rhead would sit nicely. You could use three pieces of wood, similar color to your furniture maybe and enjoy your creative self making it, it's a lot of fun. So the stand would look something like the letter U but upside down. I hope you get my point. That would look great! I would personally use the dac in your cambrideg and not a dragonfly but that's just me.

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