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I need help with choosing the right DAC/Amp for my PS4 headphone set-up

  1. Cythis

    I understand that this question gets asked a lot, but I would really appreciate if I could get some personal advice.
    I am gonna do this in a bullet-point style to make things clearer for everyone.

    A little bit of background/info
    • I have no expertise whatsoever with audiophile products
    • I recently started gaming again after a 7-year break (console only for now)
    • I am a casual gamer, and I mainly play single-player games
    • I particularly enjoy listening to jazz and classical music
    • I also watch lots of movies and anime
    • I live in a small place (small set-up)
    Equipment I currently own
    • PS4 Pro
    • Sennheiser HD 650 (I received as a gift 5 days ago)
    • Bose QC35
    What I'm looking for
    • A DAC/Amp to drive the HD 650 when gaming and when listening to music/watching movies
    • An immersive experience (Studio or surround sound?)
    • Budget is ~400 USD, but I am flexible
    • Long-term value if possible

    I have read Mad Lust Envy guide and did a little bit of research, here are some of the options I found:
    • Astro MIXAMP PRO TR
    • Creative SB G5 and X7
    • Beach Turtle DSS2
    Please share your knowledge and help me find the right set-up

    Kind regards,
  2. pithyginger63
    i'm really not sure about how to connect a dac to a ps4 pro, i'm also not familiar with any of the options you researched. how would your setup work, is your console in a living room or is it by/on your desk? how far will you be sitting from it?
  3. Cythis
    AFAIK, You can connect it using an optical cable or, if the DAC is compatible with PS4, you can connect it via USB.
    Most of the one I listed focus specifically on console gaming but there might be better options, hence me asking.
    I live in a student accommodation so it's actually in my bedroom, so I will be sitting 6-8 ft away.
  4. Monsterzero
    The HD650 isnt the best choice for the gaming because of its narrow sound stage and lack of detail retrieval.I guess the same logic can be applied to classical music,IDK as I dont listen to classical.
    That being said,its still a great headphone.I have the 6xx which is essentially the same thing as yours,and they really enjoy tube amps...like,really.

    Question: Are you going to be using the PS4 for music? If yes then I might suggest grabbing the Mixamp, Schiit Modi(multibit if you can afford it)and then bi-amp the lot with the Darkvoice 336 which is currently on sale on Massdrop.The tubes will serve you well for music,and the Mixamp will decode into 7.1 and the Darkvoice can give extra juice for gaming.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2018
  5. Silent Echoes
    I have the smsl sd793-ii connected optical it’s easy set up. Just get a optical toslink cable that’s best length for you. There’s more with optical input but that’s at probably the cheapest setup. I’m guessing anything with optical would be fine in your budget. Aune X1S Or Fostex HP-A3 maybe
  6. Yvon.est95
    Not sure if this is where I would ask . I apologize if it's not. I bought the razor thresher headset and I bought a vacuum tube amp (wasnt really thinking just thought it would work) QUESTION IS..
    Will my mic still work from my headset ? I would think it would help the headset to make it louder just not sure about the mic.. amp should be here in a week
  7. Tsukuyomi

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