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I need help to make sure i am bypassing internal dac on ipad

  1. maximus69
    Hoping for some clarification here :)
    I stream tidal from ipad pro2 to aune t1se with lightning usb 3 camera adapter. It appears to be using the dac in the aune. It shows sound connection to “aune t1” on my ipad. I can control volume from BOTH the ipad and the aune.
    I just got a burson conductor virtuoso and connected it the same way as the aune. BUT...it shows its connected to “speaker” I can ONLY control volume from the Burson, plus i can hear keyboard clicks when connected to the burson and not when connected to aune.
    I am stumped as to if i am bypassing the ipad dac on the burson and aune, since they are connecting differently. Usb receiver is cm6631 on burson if that helps. Thanks in advance for any help or direction
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    If you're using USB input on the Aune then you're using the DAC on it. You can't run a digital signal through a Digital to Analogue Converter into another Digital to Analogue Converter because you can't DAC a DAC-ed signal or even transmit that signal via a path that's meant to go into another DAC.

    Volume control depends on the USB controller on either device. Just set it to max volume if it's working.
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  3. maximus69
    I am comparing both dacs.I am trying to understand why the burson dac and aune dac behave differently as stated above. So the usb controller is why one dac allows volume controller on ipad and the other dac doesn't? I am mainly concerned that i am using the dac in the burson, since the ipad says sound output is to “speaker”
    While the dac in the aune says “aune t1” i was wondering why the aune allowed volume adj on the ipad and the burson dac didnt. I think you answered my question :) I was of the understanding that connecting usb thru lightning port automatically bypasses the internal dac on the ipad and if wanted to use the ipads dac i would just use the headphone jack. Is that correct? Thanks for the help!
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Hook it up to a Mac or PC and chances are one of them will identify it as "Speaker" since it depends on the programming of the USB controller chip what it will ID itself as to the host device. My Ibasso D-Zero is ID-d by my laptop as "Speakers (USB)" on scrollover but click and it says "Speakers (USB Audio DAC)" though volume control on Windows is disabled.

    Basically it's kind of like presenting SHIELD badge to someone who has no idea that Hydra has been growing as a parasite inside SHIELD instead of authentication processes to find out it otherwise would have greeted by whispering, "Hail Hydra."

    If you're connecting via Lightning to USB that will bypass the DAC because otherwise, even if it used the DAC to DAC the digital audio you're playing, you can't use a DAC-ed signal to go into another DAC to get DAC-ed all over again without passing it through an ADC first.

    Think of it this way. That's like using an AC to DC power supply then hooking up another power supply that requires AC input into the DC output of the first power supply. It's already been converted. The only difference in this case is you'll actually blow something up.
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  5. maximus69
    Thanks. That was my assumption, but u know what they say aboute assuming...lol... thanks again for your time and help on this remedial question :)

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