I need help in regards to gaming sound.
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Jul 1, 2015
Hi, I already have a Creative Sound Blaster Omni USB card, but I need a pair headphones/headset, to go with it. I have seen some sites say the SteelSeries Elite Prism's are great, others Corsair, HyperX, ATH-M50s and many more. In your opinion, what are the best?
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Madlustenvy's Headphone Gaming Guide.

I found this very usefull when I had the exact same question. Find a pair in your budget and get a mod mic or vmoda mic. All the convenience of a headset with much better headphones than steel series ect can offer. Prices are lower than in guide for alot of cases now, also has some stuff on mic choices.

Gone through many headsets over the years from lots if bug name makes. I found this guide and decided to give separates ago after being told by lots of people headsets where either terrible, over priced or both. Glad I did.
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  Thanks for the help and guide!

Sennheiser HD558 headphones (used around $85) and any add-on mic you like.
Here is an aftermarket cable ($16-$22) for the HD558, comes in one of five lengths and has a 3.5mm plug.

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