I need help - FiiO BRT1 vs Sound Blaster E3 vs Astell&Kern XB10

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by mellda, Dec 4, 2017.
  1. mellda
    I'm looking for a good bluetooth receiver for my over-ear headphones (Shure 1540). These are what I found:

    - FiiO BRT1 (SBC, apt-x)
    - Creative Sound Blaster E3 (SBC, AAC, apt-x)
    - Astell&Kern XB10 (SBC, ACC, apt-x, apt-x HD)

    I use android phone Sony Z5 with Bluetooth 4.1 and apt-X and Sony LDAC wireless High-Res Audio codec. I found it here


    I hope it is true. The phone has android 7 and there will not be any upgrade to android 8. Does it mean it will use aptX to play music from spotify? Is it worth to buy one of the receivers or will the SQ be horrible? I compared the wired output directly from Z5 and using Chord Mojo and I didn't any difference. Will this be noticable downgrading of SQ? Which is the most reasonable option? Or any other idea? Something compact. I will attache the receiver to the headphones bridge.
  2. yong_shun
    First of all the three models you listed are not Bluetooth receiver, they are Bluetooth DAC and AMP. They will always use Apt-X to stream your spotify provided your phone supports it (obviously yes). You claimed that you cannot find any difference when you use Chord MOJO and Z5, it might be caused by the lossy source from Spotify - Premium is 320kbps MP3 only. The limiting factor now will be the source. No matter how good you DAC or your headphones are, it will be restricted by your source. Those DAC you listed able to decode the source better as compared to your phone because they are equipped with dedicated DAC chips.

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