I need a second pair of headphones
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Jan 28, 2005
Hello everybody!

I've been using Grado Sr-325i headphones for over a year now, and I really enjoy them! Now I need a second pair of headphones that I can use with my IPod.

I'm looking for headphones that can be easily driven by IPod and would have same type of sound than my Grados. I'd like to spend about 100$ for these headphones.
I really enjoy the "In-your-face" type of sound that the Grados offer and I would buy SR-80 for the IPod, but I want headphones that are closed. (So that I can listen for music around people who doesn't wanna hear what I'm listening). Grados leaks sound outside too much.

So I'm looking for headphones that:

- Can be used with IPod
- Shares the same sound characteristics than Grados
- Works well with Rock/Heavy Metal (Like Grados)
- Is priced around 100 dollars

Any suggestions?
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Dec 3, 2004
A "closed Grado"? Hmm, not aware of any. A "good" DT831 (or DT931, though I have no freq response for that one) wouldn't be too far off, but these are big cans. Maybe a DT660 then, but these still are expensive and no basshead cans either. A HD250-II also is fairly bright but still the least Grado-like of the bunch, plus big and expensive. You'll have to look at other options, maybe K81DJ or HD25-SP.

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