I need a desktop headphone Amp and have no clue
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Feb 27, 2019
I was always into mobile gear and happy with a Chord Mojo but now i wanted to get a little home setup.

As a DAC i bought a Chord 2qutest.

Now i need a good amp. Should ideally be used, max 700 bucks and available in Europe so no american niche products.

My to go option was a Violectric HPA V200 but i just missed the auction on Ebay so i take others into consideration now.

My headphones are easy to drive. I have Grado G1000e, In Ear Prophile 8 and waiting for a Nightowl. I'm looking more for a pleasant tuning and good built quality (because of used) than power.

Considering my taste I like Chord sounds, i absolutely love my grados but also the neutrality of my Prophile 8. I hate Sennheiser HD800/820 and Beyerdynamics.

I'm more into relaxed and musical listening than critical and analytic. But should be natural and organic and not too warm or colored.

I'm interested into tubes but never heard them and i'm concerned about their lifespan when i buy them used.

Any ideas, thoughts, recommendations?
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