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I love my HE1000 V2, but...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Todd R, Aug 12, 2018.
  1. Todd R Contributor
    I need a fuller sound out of them. They are comfortable, detailed and overall great, but I want a fuller sound with some more bass emphasis. I have a Dana Cable on them, and am running them balanced from a Violectric V850/V280 combo.
    Not sure if a different amp or DAC would do the job or if I should just move on to a different headphone.
    Any advice?
  2. Thenewguy007
    Those cans are as full bodied as you can get without going into hazy & muddy Audeze sound.
    A better DAC or amp can add more fullness to a headphone.
  3. SilverEars
    I doubt that a DAC or Amp is going to change a headphone's characteristic. It sounds like he wants more mid-bass to upper bass. HEK is not a meaty sounding headphone, but clarity with much sub-bass presence. Like a U-shaped response. I'd just look for a meatier sounding headphone. For example, I have a TH-X00 Ebony, and it's meaty sounding. I would guess HD650 is meaty sounding as well.

    One thing I'd add is that HEK is a headphone people may not realize that it maybe under-driven by weak amp. It would tend to sound sharper with more sub-bass presence when driven stronger. Like in balanced for example, but the Vioelectric is pretty strong amp that should drive it to potential. So, I take it that he wants signature that HEK isn't capable of changing simply by an amp or a DAC (we all know DAC isn't going to change a signature).
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2018
  4. rhern213
    If you haven't yet tried them, I think the HEX's would satisfy that. They're not as clean and controlled as the K's, but they do deliver much more bass.
  5. koven Contributor
    Maybe try a tube amp, that usually adds some body/warmth.
  6. Todd R Contributor
    Thanks for the suggestions.
    I have a Hugo 2 on the way to try out, maybe as just a DAC or on it's own. Apparently it has more power than the original.
    Just for curiosity, I hooked up the stock 1/4" single ended cable to the headphones and was surprised to find some of the thinness to the sound went away. Stay tuned :)
  7. Seisei
    Maybe u should try the Canor TP10, that is a hybrid amp, very musical and full sounding.
  8. Todd R Contributor
    The Hugo 2 is a keeper. There isn't "more" bass, but the highs are gentler, which tilts the tonal balance and seems more suitable to these phones.
    My Violectric combo is for sale.
  9. Jerda
    Try them plugged to a good Speaker amp...
  10. Arniesb
    Jesus... I have HD 800S + Vio V280 + Sabre dac and i still rarely, but think that Violectric sounds too warm.
    Maybe some prefazor Lcd 3 could be your answer...

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