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I love luo ting

Discussion in 'Archived Blogs' started by tvrboy, Apr 11, 2010.
  1. tvrboy
    I think I'm in love... if you ever wanted to find the best woman in the world, you can ask me. I know where she is. BUT I won't tell you. Because I want her for my own. I went to the bar tonight and I didn't care about any of the hot girls there.. I just wanted to lay in bed with Ting. The one night I spent laying beside her is probably the best night of my life... Well, i guess my blog is supposed to be about headphones. So I want to buy the best system I can for Ting... I want her to be able to lay in bed and hear her favorite music like she's never heard it before. So I'm thinking a DAC1, GS100 and HD800 should do it. I would spend that money on her in a second... or if she likes tube amps, i would buy a TTVJ 307 or B52 for her. My HF5/AD2000 setup is fine for me. But she's the best woman in the world, so I would buy the best headphone setup in the world for her.
  2. Sunmermaster
    ...And what would you do if she dont like grado an sennheiser sound? XP
  3. Deep Funk
    Love, being in love makes you do things you didn't consider yourself doing before. I hope she'll appreciate the gesture...

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