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I just won an iPad 2 from the SquareTrade warranty giveaway!!

  1. IPodPJ
    50 ipads -- 2 winners a day for 25 days.... today I won..  I never win anything so I'm extremely excited.  I just bought an iPhone 4S a few weeks ago (which was my first new phone in 6 years), and a Squaretrade warranty for it which is why I was entered in their Facebook contest to win a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad2.
    When the lady called me today I almost didn't believe it, but then she e-mailed me the form to sign and fax back.  Within minutes she e-mailed me the receipt from the Apple Store, and then my name was up on their Facebook page as a winner.  They drew my name, and the person who's referral link I clicked on gets one, too.  It was just some person I picked at random from a website so I could get a discount on my warranty.  I bet she'll be pretty happy, too!
    The odds for winning one of these is pretty slim because hundreds of thousands of people purchase their warranties, and they have 105,000 likes on their FB page.
    Happy early Xmas to me!
  2. fabio-fi
    Awesome, i never had luck when entering on contests. As you said, chances are few. 
  3. sidel
    Woah, lucky you.  Congrats.
  4. IPodPJ
    Thanks.  Very excited.  Just ordered some cases for it.
  5. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Congrats, Phil!

    I'm running a first gen iPad, but it has replaced my laptop for 90% of stuff. I hope you find it just as useful.

    You might want to consider the Bluetooth keyboard. A keyboard plus gestures browses the Internet faster than anything I've tried.
  6. kckc
    Congrats!! I'm so extremely jealous. I've never won anything yet, but hopefully that day will come [​IMG]
  7. IPodPJ
    I must admit, the iPad is pretty damn cool.  Typing here on head-fi has problems though and it goes extremely slow.  I haven't had this problem on any other forum.
  8. IPodPJ


    Thanks.  Not having any problems at all using the onscreen keyboard, except with this site.  Also selecting the text to correct stuff doesn't work well here either.  Must be a huddler thing.
    Also I've noticed that my apps, mainly safari crash a lot.

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