I just ordered Grado RS1!
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Aug 25, 2007
I just ordered Grado RS1 from headroom. I paid full cost $635 shipped without auditioning the headphone. I just couldn't wait anymore longer to try it. I really hope this wasn't a mistake.
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Well, you could have a better deal for sure. But Headroom is a great company and their refund policy really makes things more comfortable for the buyer. Although i don't see you returning them. You won't regret, the RS-1 is simply amazing ...
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Hehe, I hope not. I'm going to power them with my current amp Darkvoice 336i. I'm not sure if that's a good setup. I will be sticking with M-Audio 192 as my computer source. Any amp recommendation?
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You could have definitely gotten a nicer deal if bought used, but that's with all used headphones.

RS-1 scales extremely well with headphone amps, so you have ways to go without needing to upgrade headphones, I personally really loved the Millet MAX with it, was a very nice combination, of course with the PPAv2 (my favorite amp overall), it was very nice too. I would recommend something that has serious current output and especially an amp that favors the mids because it makes the RS-1 sign so beautifully.

EDIT: Wanted to add a little note, oh yeah, you'll love them absolutely, one of the best headphones I've ever heard, just tons of fun to listen to, just close your eyes, bob your head and rock out!
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You will not regret getting the RS-1. It is a lot of cash for a pair of headphones but they are freaking beautiful. They took a while to grow on me to be sure, but for certain types of music they just do it.
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No regrets, you're going to love it. It's the only headphone that completely blew me away the minute I plugged it in. I was nervous about the price, too, but that went away after listening for a few minutes. I was thinking, 'it can't be this good. It IS this good!' and then I went nuts listening to tons of music until 5:00 AM or somewhere around there. Still love it and it's great with tubes. Have fun!
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i want a pairs too.but it is so expensive in UK.............
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The RS1s are the evil device that led me to this hobby. I spent a few hours auditioning other headphones at the hifi store. My intent was to go check out the SR60s or possibly the SR 80s and replace the el cheapo headphones that I use occasionally. I put the RS-1s on (out of curiosity) , listened for about 3 minutes, walked them over to the counter and told them to wrap em up. I came home with the headphones, did some googling and came across this site. I'm now searching out amps and DACs as I become further and further addicted to head-fi all thanks to the RS-1s.
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haha. Yes, they are amazing, I just can't stop listening to them. I love how the RS1 sounds with the bowls, but they are just damn uncomfortable. I learn to live with the pain though. Sacrifice must be made for good music. I do get headaches from time to time but I'm sure I'll adapt to that too. xP
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i want to try the rs-1 so badly. I've been thinking of selling my modded 225s and ms-2s for a pair of rs-1 for home use. where in brooklyn do you live? i'm across the river in manhattan. i haven't done any good old fashion B&E in a while now, it's been too long...

ha just kiddin.

or am i?


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I just ordered some too, thru Moon Audio because I wanted the recable (blackdragon) as I can't stand the look or feel of the stock cable. I would also be interested in what home amps people recommend for RS1s, I have an Arietta but am thinking of upgrading.
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It's probably my favorite. I have a balanced pair I bought from Headroom when they still would do a balanced version of the RS-1. I have a stock version as well. They are great if not perfectly comfortable for some.
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Welcome to RS addiction. Your DV should do just fine. I would try some different driver tubes though. The driver I use for the 701s don't do as good on the RS-1s. I like a more aggressive tube for the 701s and a fuller tube for the RS-1s.

You have me grinning for you. These are great for portable listening too. They don't need mucho power to sound good. I use my ipod/Xin amp in the car and seldom use the car unit.

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