I just did the FS Mod on my UE super.fi5 Pros, what a difference.
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Originally Posted by jmmtn4aj
Er.. either slackerclerk owns the UE website, UE took the picture from him, .. or he just took it off the site

Yeah I took it from the site, I couldn't take a very good picture of my own ear.
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One thing that may have been mentioned before, but worth mentioning again is correct polarity of the cables. When you swap the cables so the Left cable is going to the Right ear piece and vise verse.

How do you know? There are markings of L and R on the end of each cable and the earpieces. I just made sure that I had the cables connected the same way on both earpieces. I didn’t notice the markings at first when I tried this mod, and was wondering why I was hearing strange imaging issues on a old Alan Parsons album I was listening to (On Air) there is a jet the flies through the soundstage and it seemed to be flying out of my head instead of through it, kind of a cool effect but not what the engineer had intended. I realized that I had one of the cables connected inverse to the other, swapped it around, once I noticed the markings on the cables and it’s fine now. Its a pretty subtle change, but one I picked up on pretty quickly, just make sure you have them connected the way they were designed. Not sure why UE didnt put a notch or something on them to only allow you to connect them one way, but maybe in a future revision.

I have the clear version and both iems have a raised line (notch) on them (the side of the iem facing the tip at the top of the plug in). The plugs on the cables have this line as well. Just align the lines and everything should be good to go.
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Yes, it is a good mod in most instances. As a trade off for more comfort, sure, why not... However, if you pay close attention (at least with my ears) to your instrumentation and sound staging (as much staging as you can get), the staging sounds more combined and muffled, and certain frequencies in the upper range lose their presence. At least this has been my experience.

But otherwise, they sound just as good bass-wise and mid-wise...

I just find the sound to be more clear, defined, and staged -- and notice the bleed-over of one instrument to the next even less when wearing them the normal original way...

And I've tried all ways, including reversing the cables polarity (so the L or R on the cable faces backwards to the the L or R on the IEM) to yield a 180 degree phase shift. In car audio, for example, phase shift works great when you have your subwoofers in the trunk. It makes them appear to sound as if they are coming from up front, where the sound stage should be. Since most people won't cut holes in the floorboards of their cars to put subwoofers and steel protection cages around them to protect them from the road, phase shift is a good option. So phase shift works with big speakers anyway, especially subwoofers, but I'm not too sure about armatures, but I would imagine it would work the same -- polarity is polarity... This is not a mod I would recommend, although some people may like the sound more....you may find more sound staging coming to the front of your head's HRTF (in the low end), but then the mids and highs may wind up sounding like they are coming from the back of your head's HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function). To each his own, right? However, by doing that, you may void your warranty. You would have to check with UE on that one.

I used to have a Dolby Pro Logic for headphones system (with a base and a handset that you could plug headphones into, but would work better through the base with an amp) that utilized HRTF made by a company called Aura. It cost like $500 or more and was great at the time. But now things are cheaper and you can get a whole Sony open-air set for about the same price. BUT...... There is something new and cheap and I'm still curious to see how JVC's SU-DH1 dolby surround unit would work with these Super.Fi's (or Triple.Fi's). For only about $120, it might be worth a gamble if you are listening to a DTS or Dolby Pro Logic II source. Here's a picture:


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Originally Posted by darcym
Does this work just as well on Super.fi 3?

They should appear even more low profile than the 5's as they do not have a hump (like the 5s) to accomadate a 2nd armature.
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Originally Posted by 1117
I remember seeing this mod mentioned months back. Did UE add the mod as a result of someone here tinkering with a solution and finding it (i forgot who first mentioned that mod here), or was it originally an UE solution?

iirc this idea came from these forums, and i believe ue picked it from here. someone please correct me if i'm mistaken. i don't have the original thread at my fingertips.
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Originally Posted by daveDerek
iirc this idea came from these forums, and i believe ue picked it from here. someone please correct me if i'm mistaken. i don't have the original thread at my fingertips.

I e-mailed UE about 2 days after I got my Super.Fi 5 pro (10 months ago now) so maybe they considered it, or maybe someone else thought of it first, which is usually the case.
I might have posted it here under a friend's name when he told me about head-fi, but I don't remember.
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Well, there are many claims regarding this mod, some said months ago, some said years ago, who knows. I saw a picture at Iaudio forum, tried to wear it like the picture shows, but left and right wasn't right, good thing the cable is detachable, swaped it, it was perfect, took some photos, shared in on this forum, didn't get much reply for a while, suddenly, it was a hit for those who tried it, I guess the mass response made it popular and people were willing to try it. So, who did it first? who cares, as long as it works, that's what matter. The popular thread links in my sig:

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