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I just can't choose!!!!

  1. ruben1691
    hey everyone,
    for the last two years I've had a pair of sennheiser MM50 (cx300 with a mic), i thought they were pretty good, until I heard a pair of Shure 530 from a friend of mine. at that moment I realised that my earphones just weren't as good anymore and I have been reading reviews and different threads on this forum ever since. So, I've narrowed my choices to three IEMs:
    - Shure 535
    - Sennheiser IE 8
    - Westone 3 or 4
    What do I listen to: it really depends on my mood. One day I'll wake up wanting to listen to BB king, and the other wanting to listen to David Guetta. But what I'm really looking for is a pair of fun IEMs, that make me enjoy my music everytime I turn my iPod on. I had a chance to audition a pair of Shure 535, but in my opinion they were way too flat for my taste, and right now I am leaning towards the IE 8 that from the description given here on the forum, they seem to fit exactly my requests. Take into consideration the fact that the westone are really hard to get here in switzerland, but with a small sacrifice in terms of money, I could get them from the UK or so. If you have any alternative, please tell me and I will see whether I can get them. Thank you!!!!!!!!!
  2. mark2410 Contributor
    it realy depends on what sound you prefer but i can tell you if you order from the UK youll get the IE8 far cheaper than you will the others
  3. imackler
    If your fond of bass, I'd go with the IE8. It is a great iem and lots of fun. It is dark and warm and not analytical. I love the soundstage on it. The W3 is brighter and more versatile, in my opinion. It has a good soundstage, too. If the price difference is uncomfortable, go with the IE8. If the price is negotiable, I'd probably go with the W3. I've owned both twice now and were I to pick only one of the two, it would be the W3.
  4. Sil3nce Moderator
    Out of those choices and for that genre of music, the unanimous decision is ie8.
  5. ruben1691
    Wow, thank you very much!!! Today I had the chance to listen to a pair of ie6 and I just loved them, can't even imagine what the ie8 will sound like. Now he problem is that I still haven't had the chance to see the ie8 in person and after all of the research I couldn't find the exact size (in cm or inches, doesn't really matter) of these iem. Could anyone be so kind to measure the width x the height?? The problem is that im afraid that my ears are way too small for these iems. also, is There any specific way to do the so called burn in?? Can I just create a playlist or should I download specific tracks so to do it the proper way?? Sorry but I'm still a newbie at this

  6. Sil3nce Moderator


    It shouldn't have a problem fitting in your ears.
    Just make sure the tips are right.
    Burn-in can be done many ways. Basically using either white noise or music.
    It doesn't really matter what music you use.
  7. Pianist
    I haven't heard one, but intuition tells me that you will be better off with JVC FX700 than IE8. I think IE8 has way too much bass, but also has terrible ergonomics. FX700 should give you a more balanced sound (still bassy, but not overly so like IE8) and will fit better too for many people. IE8 fits horrible - the shape is really weird and only works for some ears. Neither will give you much isolation, so look elsewhere if you want to listen to music on public transport.
  8. imackler
    I must be one who loved the ergonomics of the IE8. Really, really comfortable to my ears.
  9. Sil3nce Moderator
    Good luck trying to find a jvc fx700...
    Additionally if you think the ergonomics is bad on the ie8 then the tube housing on the jvc are just as bad.
    And by ergonomics I hold you're not referring to the fit. As they are two different things.
    I would think the tf10 would have the worse ergonomics due to the least contact of the shell with the outer ear canal. But the fit depends on the tips.
  10. shamrock134
    I find the best fit for isolation and comfort for me with the IE8 is wearing them down, with the R in left ear and L in right ear.


    Hmmm, my experience is not in alignment with your suppositions. I do not think that the IE8 has more bass than the FX700. A tad more midbass, yes, but when I tried the FX700 they had some serious bass weight behind them, typical of full-sized headphones. Moreover, the ergonomics of the said IEMs is a personal matter. What I love about the IE8 is that they don't require deep insertion to sound good and they seem to disappear after a while, unlike some IEMs where I am constantly reminded of their presence in my ears.
  12. Vault101
    I would go for westone 4.
  13. ruben1691
    Hey everyone, I looked if I could find the JVC here in switzerland, but it seems they are only available outside of Europe. and I don't really like how they look. I still think i'll go for the IE 8, and I also forgot to mention that I also tried the triple.fi, and I am still wondering how some people say that the fit is fine...I think they are some of the most complicated IEM to wear (my opinion). I also took a look at the review from TouchMyApps for the westone 4, and the impression thatt i got is that they are too bass shy for my taste, and the westone 3 apparently are a bit sibilant. I am not looking for an analytical IEMs, but also I am not looking for one that has too much bass and overwhelms the rest.  I did some research on the monster turbine pro copper, but they cost almost 550$ here in switzerland, so, no way!
    if u got any other suggestions, please do tell.
    Thank you!!!!
  14. rangerid
    ie8s have a great sound sig that you won't forget after you listen to them and very non fatiguing. 
    however tip selection is VERY important on them. they can just sound awful if you dont find the right tips for them. if you are not worried about isolation though, ie8 with tip extender mod will provide a totally out of the head experience and well worth looking into if you do go w/ the ie8s. 
  15. ZARIM
    You can buy any recommended IEMs online with much less price than MTP Copper for $550. Sennheiser IE8 are widely available online from authorized dealers, right now IE7 are on sale for $169 and canbe shipped worldwide from Sennheiser authorized dealer(U.S). BTW both (IE7, IE8) are small as IE6 in person and they sound amazing for fun listening without missing details.

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