I just bought the AKG K301's. What should I expect?
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Oct 21, 2008
I was surfing ebay just an hour ago and I noticed a K301 for sale. I quickly searched up some info and all I could find are the K301 xtra reviews, which would clearly suck, as the build would imply. These look alot like the K40x's and the K50x's. What should I expect?
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i had these. tbh i hated them. very flat sound, no amount of eq and amping could help. i put them up for sale a few minutes after getting them..
i looked around b4 i bought them and some peeps like them and the flat response
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The K301 was my first set of "real" headphones. I had them for years, and they were very good. They are very, very hard to amp properly, have a lot of soundstage, slightly shy but pleasant-sounding bass, great mids, and highs that extend beyond the range of a dog's hearing (or so I would think). They do just fine for most kinds of music, with the exception of twangy steel guitars and other high-pitched grating noises.

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