I hear Skullcandy is changing how they do things..
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Sep 29, 2014
My past experience with them has led me to not really want to try any of their products, I bought $20 earphones, and before those I would always blast my volume to nearly maximum levels. When I got these, I decided to go no higher than 50%. After about a month, one of the earbuds started cutting in and out, until no audio was being produced at all. I was looking at their Titan earbuds, and a lot of reviews on Amazon were talking about a common problem, they would send static into your ear. And they changed the cord material to a less durable material.

EDIT: That was the second time I had actually bought those earphones. Same model and everything, same result.

But with the release of their gaming headset SLYR, I have heard they're changing things around and making their products better. Is this true?

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