I have...UE6000 vs D5000 vs DT770/80 vs Sennheiser G4me Zero... Suggestions?
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May 31, 2010
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May 31, 2010
Okay... so I have all of these cans and cant really peg which I like the most. 95% of my music is EDM... 
To capture it subjectively here goes...
UE6000... Well I *LOVE* the vocals in these, no soundstage though, love the sub bass and how clean it is. No sibilance ever, *SO* dark. Normally I like a dark headphone but I need a *bit* more treble! Cups are a bit small, hot. The least comfortable to me.
DT770/80, lovely sub bass.. Great soundstage. My first real pair of cans, Lovely black background. Treble is *WAYY* too harsh though. Very comfortable once you break them in, clamping is a bit much at first. Fell in love with the black background and sub bass.
D5000- It feels like... if they flattened out the sub bass a bit and tamed the treble a bit of the DT770s. Still hard on my ears around 7-10khz. Getting close to ideal, Does vocals *MUCH* better than the DT770s. These seem to roll off around 30hz, I wish these went a bit deeper. The comfort Is below DT770/80 and G4me Zero, I expected these to be much more comfortable. I expected more sub bass from these. A bit "tizzy"
Sennheiser G4me Zero- Bass is so weird in these, it goes deep but sounds almost poppy, it doesnt bother me. Vocals I *really* like in these. They are flawed though, super boxy sounding.*HUGE* soundstage. These feel great on the head, cool and massive cups.
I'm still searching for my ideal headphone. I like sub bass emphasis with buttery vocals. The UE6000 and D5000 get close but both have flaws. G4me zero is just so damn boxy, I wish it wasnt! DT770/80 will always have a special place in my heart, but they are my least favourite here.
I have 3 cans in mind for future purchases
D600, I've heard a few times and *really* liked them. They seem to be a bit more tame than the D5000s on treble and have alot more sub bass but higher distortion. Upper vocals sounded a bit hard on these.
Mad dog 3.2 I think i would love the vocals but miss the bass.
Vmoda M100, the hype on these died *SO* hard here. But I wonder how they would compare to the D600s?
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