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I got RS1. What next ??

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by majorcockup, May 11, 2011.
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  1. MajorCockUp
    I got them today, used and burned-in. A bit dissapointed. I lsiten to losless from an unamped Cowon S9.. Is it  because of that? Can you guys advice towards some amp and DAC? Is Hifiman HM-800 any good? Friday Im getting paid again :)
    Bilavideo was right, modding SR80 would get them close to RS1. Not very close but still a huge bargain. I have the feeling my RS1 isnt worth the 400£ (600$) I spent.There is much more detail and much fermer bass and unlike my old modded SR80 it doesnt throw bass into everything else. But is seems a lot more fatiguing at same EQ settings. Maybe I suffer from flat-fish-ears sindrome? Or maybe I should have gone for SR325 or HF-2?
    Can I please get some advice on what to pair RS1 with?  
  2. logwed
    I've said it before and I'll say it again, I believe that a great headphone should not be awe inspiring at first listen. Give it a couple weeks of listening to it exclusively, and then try going back to your SR80s. I think that you'll be more impressed.
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  3. Zombie_X Contributor
    I would recommend listening to them longer as well. I know my old set did not initially impress me at all, but they grew on me over time though I ended up selling them in favor of a DT880. Also the RS1/i is extremely efficient and does not need any amping at all so it's not your Cowon as they will drive them fine.
    If you do still want an amp I would recommend a Little-Dot 1+ as it's a hybrid amp (tube sound, solid state power) though it's a desktop amp. A good portable amp that mates with them well is the Little-Dot MK1+.
  4. ButtUglyJeff
    Did you get the RS1s with or without the button?  There is a difference...
  5. wind016
    If you find the RS1s fatiguing, avoid the 325s like the plague.
    If you want something to contrast the Grado SR60, I recommend you take a look at the Sennheiser HD598. Excellent mid range balance and soundstage that is unrivaled at the price of $175.
  6. alphaphoenix

    Well said and 100% agree.
  7. WhiteCrow
    hmm the sr80i's gave me the mother of all headaches, the sr325is through the -RS series were like butter to my ears and I loved them. I got the RS-2 as I really didnt hear much difference between the RS-2 and RS-1
  8. Happy Camper
    The Grado line has been reported to be a match with the Mapletree amps. I have liked them with the Millet Hybrid and the Pico. A tube or hybrid will tame some of that piercing Grado highs. I use them as a road can with the Xin portable and directly from an ipod.
  9. WhiteCrow
    Little Dot MKII+ is a darker amp, with a new OP amp*10$ for 2* its even smoother and darker sounding and a perfect match
  10. MajorCockUp
    Yes my model is buttonless. What does it mean?  I had a listening session last night. SR80 used to be fatiguing too until I vented their drivers. Ive listened to them again and you guys were right, what a difference! Even male voices have bass in them. Probably RS1 is much darker than a standard SR80 and since I dont have one to compare it with....it is still brighter than mine. I seriously doubt my taste. Bill say something here.
    Little Dot amps seem to be in the affordable zone.  I dont think I will ever spend more than 500£ on amps, but again I thought I would never spend more than 200£ on hp at the time of buying DT880. Is there a good portable amp that can double as DAC? How do you guys rate the HD800? Is there a place in London where I could test equipment? The shops Ive tried never stock enything besides Sony and the occasional AKG. I cant spell Shenheisser.
    I must be going mad, nothing sounds good anymore and everything has fat price tags. I mean how can they justify asking 1000£ for 2 drivers and a cable?
  11. MajorCockUp
    MUHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHA.. wallet saved
    disregard my last comment. i didnt delete it because it looks kewl. as a matter of fact disregard this whole thread. i seriously need to get a life and stop editing my own posts
  12. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Do not buy an OTL for Grados. The vast majority have an output impedance higher than the headphone impedance. That's just asking for messy bass.

    If you're on a budget, go solid state. It has a nice, low output impedance. If you must have tubes, buy an amp with output transformers. The only commercial OTL exception is the Zana Deux. Its 6C33C tubes have a nice, low output impedance.
  13. cloudlea
    i strongly recommend u must get a amp for rs1, if you want to take rs1 to street , a portable amp is necessary. If u listen music at home , an good dac + ra1 amp will be fine, you will feel pure Grado sound
  14. Mad Max
    I did find SR325is somewhat awe-inspiring upon first listen.  They have only continued to grow on me over the past couple of years.
    I get tired of other headphones' sound because of it, lol.  Well, except for A2kX.
    If I spend too much time with my other 'phones, I end up missing my Grados and love them a bit more when I finally return to them.
    OP, if you don't like your Grados, you can always give them to me.  =p
  15. KneelJung


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