I Got My New Speakers and an Amp -- Unsatisfied -- Thoughts?

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  1. noname2020x
    Hello all!

    I hope you are having a fabulous day!

    I took advantage of a black Friday sale and got my self some equipment to hook up to my Audio-Technica AT-LP60 record player.

    I got an ONEU Mini Amplifier (Lepy) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M8NLFV8/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


    Klipsch Reference Series R‑15M speakers

    and some speaker wire

    All together my records sound soft all around with no bass punch. I've tried messing with the amp's settings but that just makes it sound worse imho. Should I return everything and get Micca PB42X Powered Speakers
    or should I try a different amp?

    If I get a new amp, is it worth it to try to get a legit amp off of craigslist like this?




    or the amp here


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  2. Muinarc
    I'd start with a different amp, that Rotel is a good deal if it's working.
  3. thinkingoffish
    Do you have past experience with setting up speakers? Because the room, and how your speakers are set up in the room (on a desk? on stands? near a wall? etc) are just as important as knowing what speakers you are using, and as long as you have at least adequate amplification will yield more drastic changes than a new amp.
  4. dubbcd
    Whats your expectation?
  5. Oscar-HiFi
    That amp looks terrible, invest in a better amp in my opinion.
  6. yage
  7. davidland
    maybe the expectation is too high
  8. noname2020x
    Thank you all so much for your feedback and suggestions!

    I ended up paying $80 for the Yamaha receiver R-700

    It sounds significantly better but I'm still not satisfied. A few of you rather unhelpfully just criticized my expectations. I actually don't think they are too high. I know i haven't payed much for what I have but even my TV sound bar and woofer sound better (despite the stupidly boomy bass). I'm trying to decide whether or not to return the speakers, sell the receiver (for ~$50 hopefully) and just get one of the following:



    I am pretty much just looking for accurate mids and punchy bass
  9. Muinarc
    It's always a possibility that you just plain don't like the sound of the speakers. No reason to feel bad if a set doesn't work out, all you can do is keep trying or demoing stuff until you can find what you like.
  10. yage
    One thing to check is whether you've connected the turntable to the R-700 correctly. Make sure you have 'Line' selected on the back of the LP60 and connect the turntable to the AUX input of the R700. Does that sound better? Alternatively, flip the switch to 'Phono' and connect to the PHONO input on the receiver. Does that make a difference?

    You can also play around with speaker placement. Start with the tweeters at ear level with speakers and the listening position forming an equilateral triangle. Move the speakers closer to the back wall or closer to corners to increase bass output - note that this might also affect midrange / treble response. Move your listening position back and forth. Have speakers parallel to the back wall (firing straight ahead) at first. Then also try turning them in to face you (toe-in) in small increments. Note that your speakers won't provide you with visceral, gut pounding bass - you'd need a subwoofer for that - but it should be adequate for most music.

    Finally, once you've got the speakers sounding the best you can through placement, try using the tone controls (loudness / bass / treble) to tweak the balance.

    If after all that effort you still don't like what you're hearing then maybe you just don't like the sound of the speakers themselves.
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  11. noname2020x
    Looks like I have some work to do tonight!
    Thanks for the tips.

    One thing that I didn't mention: If I plug my Sennheiser HD 600's into the receiver it sounds amazing, so I guess it's not the receiver's fault.
  12. Oscar-HiFi
    Another thing to note, have you run your speakers in?

    I know burn-in is debatable, but let them run in for 100hrs or so and it could be you don't like the sound of the speakers you purchased.
  13. Blueshound24

    That is excellent strategy for initial speaker setup!
  14. noname2020x
  15. yage
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