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I fnally decided to break the $200 mark. Wondering which headphones i should get?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bcasey25raptor, Oct 28, 2011.
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  1. bcasey25raptor
    Hello all. I have been here for nearly a year now and i finally have decided to go past the $200 mark and get some really good cans. I am looking at the shure srh940 because i have had good luck with shure customer service, the Sennheiser hd 25 1 ii adidas because they are supposed to be great for rock/metal (but they are on ear so i want around the ear), and the Grado sr225i which i would need to get a 1/4 to 1/8 inch adapter. I will be running them from a Fiio E7. My budget is $200 - $300 Canadian and i would prefer to buy from Canadian stores to avoid paying import duties. Thanks for your help.
    I listen to heavy metal, rock, classical, and electronic.
    Also i am sorry for creating a thread i just get more opinions when i do.
    Also i am free to other suggestions if they can be bought under $300 new from Canada.
  2. bcasey25raptor
  3. ghostof1777
    Just got my sr225i today. When i put them on for the first time all i could do is smile. Amazing how they sound. All my music is rock and metal ( death,speed,black,etc.)..All my music is uncompressed Flac too. I give many thanks to this site for my decision. Listening to Sonata Arctica now......very nice.
  4. Hennyo
    Wherever you can find some... Took me a matter of weeks to search for my first pair and a matter of 50 days to find my second one. =/
    These will quench and delight your thirsts for an Audez'e or some other product.
  5. Hennyo


    Welcome! Going to give them a listen now on teh Grados! (Sonata Arc) [​IMG]
  6. Gwarmi
    Shure 940 really deserves a full sized amp being a flagship
    HD25 II is a DJ headphone, it won't shine with metal and
    rock but hey it's the most portable of three.
    225i wins for your needs. e7 should smooth out any unruly
    bad recordings.
  7. crinacle

    The HD25 has a lot of energy and PRaT, with an imbalanced treble that gives it the extra shine and frizz, almost like a Grado. Good for metal and rock, not exactly the bomb for classical, comparable to Ultrasone for electronic. Efficient enough to drive out of an iPod, treble is tamed upon amping which may not be to everyone's taste.
    The SRH940 (from my brief audition) was VERY detailed, moreso than anything I've ever heard (which includes the HD650). Extended treble also gives it the extra frizz, though not to the extent of the HD25 or the Grado. Bass isn't exactly its strong point, so if you ask me it's for those who put detail and clarity as a priority. Vocal reproduction is also excellent.
    I haven't had much time with the 225i, but going with the flow it's great for rock, metal and electronic. I should say that it's an open HD25 with more mids.
  8. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Metal, rock, classical, and electronic.

    You need a HD-650. I've seen them around $330 or so.

    Just stretch the budget. Sell off a couple of Blu-Rays or videogames. Or just have a Ramen Week. :evil:

    I still think the HD-650 is one of the best headphones in the world. Well, depending on the amp. :evil: x 2 :D But nothing else in this price range will scale up to a top-tier headphone, save for the HD-600. That's good, too, but I think the HD-650 does better with electronic.

    As for an amp, cross that bridge later. I ran the HD-650 off a Creek OBH11 for awhile. It was good, but it got a lot better later.
  9. Gwarmi
    HD650 out of an E7 ~ oh dear
     OBH11 by Creek is a full sized amp, hardly a fair comparison, here it is at the Aussie Hi Fi show!
  10. R-Audiohead
    Honestly, when I had a chance to briefly demo the 840 it sounds nothing like the 940.
    If I was blindfolded I would not guess they would have had the same branding at all.  The 840 had a little extra punch in the low mids and sounded pretty flat otherwise in my brief experience with them, and the 940 sounds like it has silky, upfront treble with awesome extension and no midbass punch.  Bright...sure, but not fatiguing, which is a pretty rare combo in my opinion.  I'm not saying the 940 is any better than the 840 (although I think it is based on MY preferences), I am saying they sound very different.
    If you like details, prefer some treble emphasis and like something that is smoother as opposed to punchier, the 940 will complement the 840 really nicely in the collection.  The e7 will drive them fine, but I think these scale well enough that you will notice an improvement if you ever do pick up a nicer amp.
    Afterall, you don't want to add a headphone that has a similar sound signature, do you?  If so, look away from the 940.
  11. Croozer
    Denon AH-D2000, best $230 I ever spent.
  12. WhiteCrow
    BeyerDynamic DT1350's!!!! I'm pimping these pretty hard as they are just fantastic! Easilly put I feel most $300 full sized headphones too shame.
  13. kiteki
    bcasey... what did you decide on?
  14. bcasey25raptor


    I'm going to order the srh940s. But i am waiting on my next paycheck on the 10th.
  15. kiteki
    That's funny, I get paid on the 10th too.
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