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I don't understand the sennheiser momentum headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hifi man, Jun 27, 2013.
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  1. nicholars
    I have not noticed any difference in cables.
  2. nicholars
    Yes Momentum bumper edition please 50% bigger.
  3. andaca
    welcome to head-fi.org , and enjoy that  pain my friend  (edit, up 4 auction?  what a great way to advertise, love it!)
  4. kyuuketsuki

    To be fair, neither did I. My ASG-1s changed my perception on burn in. I now believe it is 75% psychological, 25% physical burn in of the driver. (At max, it could be less physical and more psychological). But drivers do change over time. All materials do with use. It's normal wear.

    As for cables... Pure silver on the ASG-2 at the head-fi meet proved me very very wrong that cables make a difference. Perhaps if materials are the same there is no difference, but different materials (copper and silver for instance) will make a difference in my experience.
  5. meyner
    lol does anyone sell gold cables or plat cables by any chance? I wonder what the price per feet would be if it existed
  6. joebobbilly
    Gold plated OCC:
    Actual Gold cable:
    LOL'd when I saw the prices... although I do believe that a better cable will make subtle minor improvements... they are definitely not worth those amounts!
  7. nicholars
    *cough* snake oil
  8. kyuuketsuki
    Question is... have you tried different cables? I thought the same until I switched from Silver/Copper cable to Pure Silver. There was a difference in sound, rather noticeable too. 
  9. ev13wt

    And you verified this how? Did you cable only one side of the headphones and listened to a mono track? (That is my headphone mod verification method. Mostly the balance will be off for instance switching out dampening material or changing pads, allowing one to clearly hear the differences)

    With cable sound, I don't believe it. I know, I know, I have tin ears etc. But, for me, it all falls into perception and placebo effect. BUT - I have a couple of aftermaket cables and did ysome myself with paracord. It ´looks and feels awesome. A very real difference in cables is cable microphinics. But that is a mechanical thing, not electrical.
  10. kyuuketsuki

    I tried 4 different cables... That's how. Stock silver/copper, moon audio silver/copper, pure silver, silver/gold (the most expensive costing $1500)

    Stock was already good. The moon audio didn't really add anything other than lack of memory wire which made it more comfortable. Also slightly (and I mean this in the strictest sense) louder. That might have been placebo. The gold actually match up well to the iems I was listening to. And after hearing the price I kind of laughed. The silver cable had the best positive effect. And of the people that tried the various cables, including Dale of Aurisonics (we were demoing his ASG-2 against 1+2) agreed that the silver had the best effect on the ASG-2 to the point where he left it on. Several others had similar impressions.

    The difference was pretty noticeable. whether or not you trust my ears or not is up to you, but they haven't steered me wrong yet. And my ears are far from golden.
  11. ev13wt
    ^^ But you didn't do any left/right channel tesing, nor blind testing, nor measurments. So I am going to have to assume that any difference you heard is purely subjective. I'd love to beleive, but I can't. I need real, factual proof.

    And in the day of gigahertz routers and computers, where PCIe x16 lanes and their data throughput, shape (eye diagram) can be easily measured, simulated and verified by testing, I seriously doubt that in our low end frequency spectrum of 10 to 20000 Hz there are things a person can hear but not measure.

    Of course, if one uses a football field long cable, or a cable that has a resistance of many Ohms (Improper cable for the job) there WILL be a treble roll off or other "differences". But those can be easily measured as well.
  12. kyuuketsuki

    With the differences in the cable build that would have been impossible to do a completely blind test. Unless you mean blind by not knowing the price or type. Because if that is the case then it was definitely blind. I didn't find out until a week later that the cable that I thought was best (pure silver) was only $200 and linked to the site to buy by another head-fier.

    And honestly... I'd be surprised if the different cables didn't measure differently. However I don't have the money nor ability to do such tests. Perhaps if I do down the line I can do the measurements.
  13. jmsaxon69
    you can't measure everything....
    Perfect example is a pair of Grado SR80i, they sound pretty good for a $100 headphone, but look at the frequency response curve on Head Room's site, they should sound like crap, but they don't!
  14. keepitsimple
    Wise words
  15. Slaphead

    What's wrong with the frequency response of the Grados? It's certainly a lot flatter than that of the Momentums, and where the Grados frequency response is lacking it's pretty unimportant for music - unless you're a complete bass head. The Momentums graph on the other hand demonstrates that it's a headphone that's really quite suited for a bass head. The graph shows that the lower treble/upper midrange roll off is appalling - which is exactly how I hear it.
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