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I don't understand the sennheiser momentum headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hifi man, Jun 27, 2013.
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  1. Hifi Man
    Sarcasm? Yeah, definitely sarcasm. 
  2. Slaphead

    Not all reviewers


    What the reviewer in this case is saying completely mirrors my experience with the momentum.

    I've been on this planet way to long to believe what "major professional" reviewers say without checking who's advertising in the magazine, or on the web site.

    I'm also able to decide for myself what's good and what's not good. Regardless of who's trying to tell me otherwise.
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  3. GearMe
    Had same impressions when I demoed at BestBuy -- compared them to ESW9 and DT1350s.  Ended up going with the 1350s which BB price matched for $199.99.  Quite honestly, I picked up a pair of WS55s for $30 for my cheap portable set and I like them more than the Momentums.
    The momentums look nice though!   :wink:
  4. Shazzam6999
    Threads on the Momentums have shown me that I have really small ears. 
  5. jmsaxon69
    I think for any comment on products you must state if you've owned it and lived with it for over 2 months.  Without this information most of people's "opinions" are not that very credible in my eyes. 
  6. Beagle
    Why would it loosen up? And why would you want it to?
  7. wolfetan44
    To the 2nd question, maybe he didn't like the severe mid-bass hump?
  8. joebobbilly

    Loosen = less stiff = more free movement of diaphragm = better dynamic range (at least that's the theory) [​IMG]
  9. ev13wt

    Because there isn't any real data to support your theory. Nobody has shown proof of burn-in, and those that tried found differences that are about on the level of a drop of water in a bucket. Naturally you are correct, values do change. But even for a subwoofer the enclosure calculation would change like a tenth of a liter in a 70 liter box.

    Its not a big thing. It might very, very slightly change thing, ok. But if you don't like a headphone sound sig at the beginning, you probably won't like it after "burn-in".

    One just gets used to the sound signature.

    Edit: a speakers surround has certain values. A certain stiffness. It should NOT change over time and change the drivers characteristics.
  10. nicholars
    Try the Denon D600.... Then you will believe that some headphones burn in.
  11. meyner
    I am also a skeptic of burn in my myself but i personally haven't purchased enough new headphones to have a strong personal belief but from what i hear different headphones have different time requirements of burn in?
    I also hear some people talking about how burn in is just people getting used to the sound signature of the headphones which has some merit i think but then how about those people that do not listen to the headphones and just keep them running for like week (or less) and then listening to them to have a already burned in headphone.
    But a part of me thinks if there were two phones (same ones) and one was burned in and one wasn't i feel like more people than some people would like to admit would not guess the right answer (may be a large minority or even 50/50 would be my guess) which is which. (hopfully i do not get kicked out of the forums for hinting on a blind test) But all this is just my thoughts
  12. nicholars
    Most headphones I have tried I do not notice much change, except probably me adjusting to the sound, a few pairs I am sure that the sound changed, probably depends on the materials used etc.
  13. ev13wt
    Only way to get close to this burn in is to have 2 same headphones out of the same production lot, burn in one for whatever amount of hours (100-200) and then level match them and have at it with a double blind abx.

    I've never experienced it, but I probably just have tin ears.

    Anyhow, I didn't want to start a burn in discussion just wanted to say that if OP doesn't like the sound sig, it won't change much with any burn in.

    Even if burn in is real, it would only refine the signature, or ever so slightly change something. If it radically changes then the headphone engineers need to be fired :wink:
  14. jmsaxon69
    Let me guess, those who don't believe in "burn in" also can't tell the difference in cables too, right?
  15. dparker83
    Had same experience with Momentums. Sounded too rich. Decided my ears were just a tad too squished and that was affecting the sonics. Hopefully they do another model next year. Really WANT to love them.
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