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I don't understand the sennheiser momentum headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hifi man, Jun 27, 2013.
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  1. ev13wt

    I only believe in the "getting used to the changed sound signature from other headphones" "burn-in".

    But then again I probably just have tin ears from working in a sound studio in my youth. I can mever hear those subtle differences in all the "audiophile" stuff. :shrug:
  2. Beagle
    Here's a solution. Go get your ears surgically reduced so that they are about the size of those of the average domestic cat. They might then fit inside the Momentum earpads. But it won't help the floppy bass.
  3. akhyar
    If your ears won't fit inside the earpads, just return them. The earpads won't expand to accomodate your ears, and the sound signature won't change after burnt-in.
    Try V-Moda M100 or Senn 25
  4. Hifi Man
    My ears fit the pads, they don't hurt my ears, I just think these sound congested compared to the bose AE2, and they're not as comfortable. Is there supposed to be some discernible difference between these two headphones? Or am I just paying for the polished steel, leather headband, brand name, and leather ear pads? I just listed these things on ebay, because I swear these things aren't as good as my Bose AE2 headphone. 
  5. Trunks159
    Use an eq to bring out the highs. It definitely helps.

    Partly, yes. If I were you, I'd go with open cans. Closed (portable) sound very similar in between $200 and $400. I'll tell you this, the momentum is not worth $350. It should be like $250.

    Since you don't like them, just return them and go open.
  6. Ishcabible
    I'm sorry, but you're surprised at them being dark? I thought that was commonly agreed upon with the Momentums. Most comments about them describe them as slightly congested and dark. They're meant to sound like that--they're competing against the B&W P5, ESW9, and other luxury, laid-back sounding headphones. I do think the Momentums are ($100-$150) overpriced new, but that shouldn't be a surprise considering they're marketed as luxury headphones and are catering more towards the "high end commuter" crowd. Bose's AE1 went for a similarly pleasing, but immensely more colored, sound signature, but they kind of screwed that up by trying to go neutral with the AE2 and ended up with unnatural...but still with more treble than the other luxury headphones, which probably explains why you think the Momentums sound so dark, since you're so used to a different sound signature. I remember the Momentums having much better timbre/realism than the AE2 underneath the slight veil, but if you don't hear that, there's no point in keeping them.
  7. jmsaxon69
    The Momentum has a severe mid-bass hump out of the box, after a month or so they loosen up and sound much more natural. What is so hard to believe about a freshly made speaker diaphragm loosening up as it is used and "burned in" it's not voodoo....
  8. Wildstar
    I've compared the AE2 and Momentum side by side, I don't think they are congested. The AE2 is more neutral and has more treble, but it's not a better treble. The Momentum is more detailed and overall refined, but you have to pay attention, it's not in your face like other dynamics.
    They have too much bass and too little treble, which is why to some people they may sound muffled. It's definitely not a headphone for the masses, despite people calling them consumerish over here.
    IMHO the AE2 has a pleasing sound and is one of the most confortable closed headphones around, they lack detail and refinement and are overpriced, but I don't see any direct replacement or upgrade from them. The Momentuns could have been it, but Sennheiser blew it.
  9. Jepu
    I found the Momentums one of the better portable headphones while I was looking for them. Compared to what I was used to the sound was a little bit "loose" on the other hand. Didn't end up getting them. But yeah, portable headphones at that price range are a little bit difficult regarding preference. Some opinions about other options that I had were mostly the following:
    HD25-1 II / Amperior: Powerful, a bit too powerful bass for my liking.
    Focal Spirit One: Fast, sharp, dark, bit dry, veiled, squeaky hinges.
    Denon D600: LOUD but comfy, really big.
    AKG K551: Brightest of the bunch, nice soundstage, HUGE for portable use and isolation is a bit meh.
    Beyerdynamic T50p: I thought the Tesla drivers were supposed to give bright and clean sound. What gives? Kinda similar-sounding to HD25-1 II.
    Beyerdynamic DT1350: Small, comfy, bit difficult to get proper isolation, bit dark, sharp. Somewhat similar sound signature to the Focals.
  10. meyner
    ^ only catch is that you may not find the DT1350 or HD 25 very comfortable
  11. Hifi Man
    I think I'm going to go for the AKG K550 once I sell the momentums. That soundstage and treble sounds like just what I might want. It may take a while to sell these momentums though at the price I got them for though. I want to sell them because VMinnovations has a horrific return policy. I'd basically end up losing over 60 dollars in restocking fees if I ended up returning them. Hopefully someone out there will buy these.
  12. meyner
    well depending on what price your planning on putting them on this forum it might almost be worth losing the 60 dollars in my opinion.
  13. Hifi Man
    why is it worth losing 60 dollars? I'm listing them on ebay for the price I got them for.
  14. Slaphead

    Yep, that's pretty much the conclusion that I've come to. 150 dollar headphones with the other 200 dollars going on all the nice, but ultimately useless, trimmings.

    Given the cost of them they really aren't anything special soundwise. Mine are back in the box and stored in the "tech junk" cupboard.

    I've pretty much made up my mind to avoid anything HiFi and lifestyle, and basically go straight for the pro audio stuff - better performance and sound, half the cost or less, no snakeoil.
  15. jmsaxon69
    It's pretty interesting that EVERY major professional reviewer and magazine are giving these headphones such high marks....
    I guess they don't know how crappy they are because the leather and metal on them have them so distracted!  [​IMG]
    Btw the Momentum sounds fantastic plugged into the AudioQuest DragonFly
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