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I don't like the dt880's, help me pick a new headphone.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bobsayshi, Sep 19, 2010.
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  1. Slaughter
    The 880/600 made my jaw drop on some well recorded material. I might buy it again in the future.

  2. BobSaysHi
    I'm listening to my modded sr80i's right now. I must say, they are sounding miles better than my dt880's right now. I think I might pick up a pair of sr225i's. I'll wait till I get my amp of course before I jump to conclusions.
  3. Zombie_X Contributor
    The SR-225i's do not need an amp at all really. IMO they do not benefit from one at all.
  4. dongringo
    The DT880/600ohm have perfect mids imo. However they require a dedicated amp, not sure if the minimax will drive them properly. My former ibasso D4 didn't cut it at all. They pair perfectly however with the MAD Ear+ HD. This amp catapulted them to my go-to phones.
  5. Zombie_X Contributor
    Agree'ed that the DT880/600Ohm has good mids and does require a beefy amp.
    It's funny how so many other Head-Fi'ers say they do fine on their Xonar soundcards, but they really don't power them good at all [​IMG]. A cmoy would power the DT880/600Ohm better than a Xonar card because the cmoy's put out much more voltage.
  6. tdockweiler


    Did the mod fix the piercing highs like it did with mine? I left six holes open instead of all of them. I could have sworn that replacing the grill and removing the SR-80 logo button also helps with this, however that's possible!
    Obviously I used the felt too and put the felt on top of the magnet, but kept the two holes open.
    After all this I was pretty amazed with how much better they sounded. Now it feels like I've got a new $200 headphone.
  7. RexAeterna
    if all you care mostly is the midrange i would honestly suggest looking into orthodynamics if the dt880's are not pleasing you. ortho's are known to be very special when it comes to the midrange/vocals.  they are also known to lack soundstage in some cases. ortho's are pretty rare tho cause most of the ortho's are vintage. only modern company that make ortho's are fostex and audeze and hi-fi man headphones.

    fostex t50rp is the cheapest out of the list above but it's a love hate thing with these around here and they do require some hefty power even tho there listed at 50ohm. check out the ortho thread for more if interest if amping the dt880's doesn't please you. 
  8. kool bubba ice
    Orthos are not the end all when it comes to mid range.. Yes, the mid range can be very good on a ortho. Sometimes 'magical.. But It's like saying one fighting style is better over another just because.. It's the practioner that makes or breaks how good the art is.. Same with headphones.. Just because a headphone is a ortho doesn't automatically make it have a better mid range then dynamic or Electro's.. If that's the case.. An entry level ortho will have much beter mids then the R10.. Makes no sense on any level.

  9. spacemanspliff
    kool, Stax have some of the best mids yes. Whether or not they are better than the K1000 or the Headphile AKG 340s I had is truly a matter of preference. Both were excellent but somehow lacking just a bit.  
    I do prefer Stax to either b/c they simply sound more realistic and have more of a speaker like sound stage. They effectively separate sound and present it in distinctive layers like a well done speaker setup.
    To the OP, if you want better mids, you are going to end up spending more $$. Other dynamics in your price range just will not offer much improvement over the 880/250 ohm. They will simply be different.
    Just get some Lambda Stax and call it a day. Trust me. Been there, done that.
    Welcome to headfi, sorry about your wallet.
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