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I can't decide between the re272 and the monster miles davis trumpet ! I need help :)

  1. wazzupi
    I'm interested in purchasing one of these IEM's. I've heard the trumpet they sound amazing way above re0(which have been my favorite iem's for a while except they kept breaking all the time) in mids and highs and of course low's but I have not heard the re272 and i want to know if they blow the miles davis out of the water as far as highs and mids. i can purchase the trumpets for $165 brand new and base price on the re272 are $250 I'm sure value wise the trumpet can't be beat probably but I was hoping someone could tell me if the re272 are worth the price tag.
  2. Selenium
    Not many people have heard the Trumpets yet and even less have heard both, so you probably won't get a whole lot of input.
    Where can you get the Trumpets for $165, by the way?
  3. wazzupi
    best buy employee discount
  4. i2ehan

    Ditto. [​IMG]
  5. wazzupi




    im an employee of best buy my best buy has them in stock so I'm going to purchase them friday :)
  6. esanthosh
    I stick to the policy - When in doubt, buy both [​IMG]
  7. wazzupi


    lol give me 165 dollars and i'll use 250 of my own money for the re272 :p
  8. Jouber
    You get 50% off by working there?
  9. wazzupi
    yeah lol dude I get so much money off accessories at best buy i wish we carried more headphones and IEMS !!!!!
  10. wazzupi
    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/AKG+-+Premium+Class+Over-the-Ear+Reference+Headphones/2882833.p?id=1218361289398&skuId=2882833 I get these for 200 dollars
  11. sidshock
    I need me a Bestbuy friend! :)
  12. wazzupi
  13. Selenium
    Is the OP is Missouri by any chance? Think I'll go the Best Buy this weekend and go friend fishing. lol. If you do get the Trumpets, makes sure to post some impressions!
  14. wazzupi
    I will :) and no i'm not sorry. I'm from miami,florida :) we have a showcase for the monster pro golds and miles davis trumpet in our hometheater section *lol I know it makes no sense* :).
  15. Hifianddrumming
     Personally, I would go for the trumpets (which you're all ready doing) :) Then write me a review so I have a reason to get them too :)

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