I came here to have questions answered, Instead I have a helleva lot more...
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For around $200? Everything I saw was in the 500-800 range. I did find and am looking at the a900 currently, those look nice too. But I really do like the looks of those wooden phones. I really like the looks of them, they just ooze qaulity.
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The W1000 was sold in a clearance from Musician's Friend for really cheap. You can probably find a used one at around $200.
I haven't heard the A900, but I heard the A700 and from what I read, I think it is reasonable to assume they would have a similar sound signature which would be V-shaped. The A700 has recessed mids and was a bit harsh on the treble for certain electronic tracks with fake digital cymbals. I think the A900 may improve on this, but I'm not certain.
The A, W, and AD series sound quite different from each other.
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Cheapest for the w1000 I can find thus far is 448. I'll keep looking around, but I'm getting the feeling I'm going to have to settle for something else. Which is a shame, sounds like the perfect cans for me.
EDIT: Yeah, I've searched high and low and that is the only pair I can find. Super sad. They seem so nice, wish they weren't discontinued...
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Guess you wouldn't know a place I might be able to find them, would you? I've tried all the places I can think of and have google/bing/yahoo'd myself out of options. The only place I could find them for around $200 bucks was from a china wholesale store, which I'm almost certain was a scam site.
It's looking like I may have to start looking at open cans instead to get those good vocals. Although, from what I hear open headphones tend to suffer in the bass area. Seems like me liking mids/bass is not a realistic taste. lol
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Along with the regular suggestions, Audiogon and eBay (and the variations thereof) are the only places I know. If anyone knows of another I'd love to hear about them.
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My only suggestion to you is to either buy something else if you can't wait, such as the AD2000 which can be had for around $350.
Otherwise, you'll have to wait until one pops up in the for sale forum or on ebay.

Where can you find the AD2000s for $350 and the W1000s for $200? I'll jump all over them at those prices. All of the W1000s I've seen have been above $300 with an anomaly in the FS forum at $250 while the lowest I've seen on the AD2000s was around $400.

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