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I/C-Trade Denon AHD-1001 Seller Refub

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by magicman74, Aug 2, 2013.
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  1. Magicman74
    For Sale or Trade
    Well I thought I put these up from a possible trade or for sale.  These were bought from another member Here:
    I put a bit of info in that thread as well. Basically I bought these from that seller. He listed them as a Refurb from Denon, which I HIGHLY doubt because of the condition I got them in. We all know Factory Refubs come brand spanking new but these for sure had MUCH usage.
    So basically what I did was tear them down and rebuilt them up from the ground. The only thing I used off his set were the black cups.
    Everything else is new.  I had a near perfect Silver headband, A Brand new D-2000 cable right from Denon. ($75) Don't ask a true nightmare dealing with Denon. And a matching set of Drivers out of a Broken Cal I bought from Fry's. After talking the manager in to selling them too me. ($25 bucks-not bad eh?)  So I put them all together, Cardas Silver Solder used, not that that matters, but hey!!!
    I would really like to trade but I'm willing to sell.  I think $100 is a fair offer dues to the new parts and my labor.  These sound great as everyone knows but they will be a mess to use on the go. The AHD-2000 cable is nearly 11ft long.  Can't really stuff that in your pocket now can you.
    These would be more of a set to use at your desk maybe even for gaming etc.  Am not really sure what I'm after trade wise.
    I would be interested in some Grado's again, I might have been unfair when I had my 80's.  Hell maybe even another set of M50's.
    I know both of those new can be bought at the $100 range. So a slightly used set would be a good trade off...Hell make an offer..I'm open!!! I'm also after a set of Shure 440's.
  2. Magicman74
    Still have these!!!  Looking for a set of Shure 440's in great shape of course!!
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