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I Am Out Of Control

  1. Zuc1
    I am a noob at quality earphones.
    I was given a Bose IE2 in early December.  It sounded better than anything I previously had.  Reading this forum, I got Gary's PA2V2, which made the Bose IE2 sound much better.
    Two weeks ago, I got a Klipsch S4.  I like it even more, although I think the S4 requires an equalizer on the music player.
    I think I am going to get something else soon and rotate them.
    Since this is such a personal preference, I am not asking for anything specific.  I believe I will have to spend a few hundred dollars and decide for myself.
    I need your help on a few brands that I should look into.  So far I read about Weston and Shure. I listen to rock and pop. I do like songs with a lot of guitar in it (Slash, Dire Strait, etc.).
    Thank you
  2. kmhaynes
    Which brands you look at should be driven by what kind of sound you want/like.  Do you like the S4?  Most agree it has very strong bass and aggressive highs.  You don't say how you would EQ them (bass up/down, mids up/down, etc,), so it's hard to know what to recommend to you.
    Tell us what you would do to the S4, or tell us what you do/don't like about the S4, and then we will have an idea of what to recommend to you.
  3. yello131
    in 200$ price range you can get DBA-02
    Westone 2
  4. Zuc1
    I don't know the terminology so I will just use yours. 
    I do like the S4, but I need to use the EQ to tune down the "aggressive highs".  My EQ setting for the S4 looks like \___ .
    I listen to pop and rock.  I do like the guitar in Slash's Sweet Child of Mine, Van Halen's Right Now, Santana, Dire Straits, etc.  I really like Linkin Park.  But I also enjoy David Gray, Collective Soul, Chris Isaac, Snow Patrol, etc.
    The cheap earphones kinda mix the sounds together. I really like it when I can separate different sounds from the different instruments.
    The S4 also fits my ears very well.
  5. Zuc1


    Wow, the Westone 2 looks so nice.
  6. Marcus_C
  7. Rmccullo
    I had the um2's and like them a lot. Listening to tool on them was insane

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