i also need some advice on chooseing headphones.
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Jan 1, 2013
hi, i am interested in a pair of headphones for my zune well that's currently what i have. or any other mp3 player, i am not interested in something with a microphone, i don't use my cell like that. i am more interested in something for work, not a every day thing just on a saturday use when it's only a skeleton crew. but work is very loud, and the noise is variable up to 120 db. so naturally i use earplugs so I'm looking for something i can use with (over) my earplugs. also for at home use when i am cutting the grass. so before i drop a couple hundred bucks on a pair i would like some recommendations please. someone a work has the dr dre's and told me that the  sms 50 cent would work for me. if possable i would like wireless. hate the cords but it's not a necessity. all  i know is i took my cheap 10 dollar headphones to work and i couldn't hear anything with or without earplugs in. thanks in advance. i have been reading about open ear, closed ear, noise canceling, passive noise canceling, wired, wireless and i'm more confused than ever i just want to be able to move around and hear music while i work and cut grass. thanks.  karen

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