HyperX Cloud Mix for quality gaming AND music/sound quality///long lasting?
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Dec 14, 2019
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Here is a link to a post containing my criteria: https://www.reddit.com/r/BuyItForLi...lp_deciding_on_headphones_that_will_work_for/

For all the headphones in my criteria I like these the best. The big thing is the design, I love the simplistic yet stylish nature of it. I love how there is a Bluetooth option to the corded option, and even the cord itself is the best quality I’ve seen (braided). And it’s got the Hifi audio which is really great. I could care less about the mike, as while I do game I don’t do it too heavily and don’t use voice chat (but of course I want something that works well for gaming.)

However I have a few setbacks. Is this really the best for my money and my criteria? It’s the best I’ve found design wise and that is important too me. I always hear people saying how gaming headsets are overpriced and low quality. But this seems like a hybrid between sound quality headphones and gaming headphones, is it really that bad a choice? Please keep in mind I am looking for good headphones that will last at least 4-10 years and also work for gaming, not a gaming headset.

Please tell me if I am making a good choice or if I need to find something else. Thanks in advance.

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